David Thomas Owen IV Leaves Behind Lovedrug For Solo Venture

posted April 17, 2009

David Thomas Owen IV Leaves Behind Lovedrug For Solo Venture

Existing somewhere between a fairy tale world of castles besieged by dragons and the sobering reality of real life, David Thomas Owen IV's inaugural LP, "Solace My King," will be released July 14th on Esperanza Plantation (Colour Revolt, Bear Colony). The former guitarist for the band Lovedrug has created a debut solo album where he takes center stage for a multihued, piano-laden "therapy session."

In 2008, after playing hundreds of shows in a total of 41 states with Lovedrug, Owen decided to focus on his own material. The Ohio native packed his bags for the mountainscape of Montana and with the unexpected help of a piano, began to purge himself of years of bottled-up emotions.

"The inspiration for Solace My King comes from a combination of events building up and forcing their way out in song," reveals Owen. "The whole process was one big cathartic experience."

Recorded at Insomniac Studios in Arkansas with friends and former Lovedrug members Matthew Depper (bass) and Matthew Putman (drums), Owen composed most of the songs on piano, an instrument he wasn't very familiar with but one he quickly realized better suited his vision.