Decibel Magazine Presents The Best Metal Of 2012 Vinyl Sampler

posted November 30, 2012

Decibel Magazine Presents The Best Metal Of 2012 Vinyl Sampler

Decibel Magazine has partnered with f.y.e., for your entertainment and 'stache media to create the Decibel Presents Best Metal of 2012 vinyl sampler. The limited edition vinyl will be available on November 26th exclusively at f.y.e stores. The Decibel vinyl is free with purchase of any $9.99 metal CD in the metal section of stores. The pressing is extremely limited and will be available while supplies last!

"Decibel is psyched to combine our passions for vinyl records and year-end list-making into one badass package!" - Albert Mudrian, Editor in Chief Decibel Magazine.

Vinyl Tracklisting
Side A

  1. Baroness - "Sea Lungs" (Yellow & Green)
  2. Meshuggah - "I Am Colossus" (Koloss)
  3. Municipal Waste - "You're Cut Off" (The Fatal Feast)
  4. Paradise Lost - "Crucify" (Tragic Idol)
  5. Dying Fetus - "Invert the Idols" (Reign Supreme)
  6. God Forbid - "Equilibrium" (Equilibrium)

Side B

  1. Testament - "True American Hate" (Dark Roots of Earth)
  2. Pig Destroyer - "The Diplomat" (Book Burner)
  3. Kreator - "Phantom Antichrist" (Phantom Antichrist)
  4. Marduk - "Serpent Sermon" (Serpent Sermon)
  5. Pathology - "Tyrannical Decay" (The Time of Great Purification)

Pick up these artists on sale for $9.99 at your local f.y.e.: As I Lay Dying, Between The Buried & Me, Anthrax,  Ill Nino, All That Remains, The Devin Townsend Project, Cradle of Filth, Whitechapel, Dio, and a ton more!