Emery Ready First Single Off New Album

posted April 7, 2009

Emery Ready First Single Off New Album

On April 7th, Tooth & Nail's Emery will be releasing "Cutthroat Collapse," on iTunes. "Cutthroat Collapse," is the first single off of their upcoming album, ... In Shallow Seas We Sail, set to be release on June 2nd. Commenting on the single, vocalist/bassist, Toby Morrell states, "I believe this is the heaviest and at the same time the most melodic song Emery has ever written. The heavy parts are super heavy, and the melodic parts are soft and catchy."

Critics are just as excited about the single. One critic, Ryan Ogle of AMP Magazine, says the single has "loads of intensity, honesty and energy all rolled up into one catchy tune. This is the most engaging and ambitious song I've heard from Emery. I'm really looking forward to the album after hearing this."

Morrell goes on to describe "Cutthroat Collapse," as "about being in a relationship and making it your whole life. It's almost like putting your relationship on a pedestal. These kinds of relationships usually end up in doom. The protagonist ends up calling his/her significant other and threatening to commit suicide. Such a great thing ends up in tragedy."