Facing New York Debuts "Cops On Bikes (WP PMFK Remix)"

posted December 12, 2008

Facing New York Debuts "Cops On Bikes (WP PMFK Remix)"

Hot off the release of their amazingly ambitious and critically acclaimed sophomore release, Get Hot, San Francisco's Facing New York announce the debut of a remix of "Cops On Bikes" known as the "WP PMFK RMX." Facing New York is Eric Frederic (guitar/vocals), Brandon Canchola (bass) and Omar Cuellar (drums).

A recent NME track review of the album version of "Cops On Bikes" declares that "this anti-establishment gutter poetry is damn cool!" Facing New York's Eric Frederic is also the mastermind behind Wallpaper., the 2008 SF Weekly Music Award winner for best Dance/Electronic group who is credited with the "Cops On Bikes (WP PM5K RMX)." Frederic discusses the two acts' relation saying, "Wallpaper. and Facing New York only relate in that both play songs that are borne of the same brain, but they come from very different parts of that brain and very different parts of that heart."

Frederic, who has always been resistant about collaborative efforts between his two groups, stumbled upon a little nugget in the original master that triggered the whole idea for the remix. "While mixing Get Hot in ProTools, I had highlighted a small transitional section and accidentally looped it. I was so excited about this little secret I'd discovered and so protective over the song that I decided to go ahead and do the first Wallpaper. remix of Facing New York."

Facing New York just celebrated the release of Get Hot with three highly successful CD release shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Audio: Facing New York - "Cops On Bikes (WP PM5K RMX)"