Fearless Records Releases New DVD Sampler With Holiday Sale

posted November 23, 2007

Fearless Records Releases New DVD Sampler With Holiday SaleFearless Records kicks off their Holiday Sale in a big way. With every purchase of $5 or more they will be giving away a limited edition Fearless Records DVD sampler. This sampler will include a compilation of music videos from Fearless artists such as Mayday Parade, Alesana, Plain White T's, A Static Lullaby, Sugarcult and more. This video will also include bonus material from these bands and more while they were recording, touring or just hanging out. In addition to giving away a free 65 min DVD Sampler, Fearless Records will also be dropping prices on all CDs ($5) and T-shirts ($10) to offer shoppers a unique and affordable way to shop for quality music and apparel from their favorite bands.

DVD Sampler FREE with $5 purchase
1. Sugarcult - "Memory"
2. Alesana - "Ambrosia"
3. Plain White T's - "Take Me Away"
4. Mayday Parade - "When I Get Home, You're So Dead"
5. Rock Kills Kid - "Paralized"
6. A Static Lullaby - "Art of Sharing Lovers"
7. Portugal. The Man - "AKA M80 The Wolf"
8. So They Say - "Wake Me Up"
9. Gatsby's American Dream - "Theatre"
10. The Fully Down - "Decent. Rebellion...."
11. Sugarcult - "She's The Blade"
12. Brazil - "Escape"
13. So They Say - "Antidote For Irony"
14. A Static Lullaby - "Hang Em' High"