FIB Heineken 2010 Add Julian Casablancas, DJ Shadow, Goldfrapp

posted April 2, 2010

FIB Heineken 2010 Add Julian Casablancas, DJ Shadow, Goldfrapp

They're still adding new names to FIB Heineken's lineup. Classic basics such as Julian Casablancas, DJ Shadow or Goldfrapp; quality electronic like Boys Noize, Midnight Juggernauts, Lindstrøm & Christabelle, Daedelus and Phil Kleran; new emerging names such as Fionn Reagan, jj and Delorentos; and the Spanish contribution, The Sunday Drivers and Alondra Bentley, make up this new round of confirmations.

Well known for being the singer and main composer of The Strokes, Julian Casablancas did his debut alone in 2009 with the album ‘Phrazes For The Young', whose launch was preceded by ‘11th Dimension'; a pop song that advanced the content of an album produced by Jason Lader and Mike Mogis -Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk-.

DJ Shadow is behind ‘Endtroducing' (1996), and album that marked music; especially Hip-hop. It is a work of art made up of small parts of funk, jazz, ambient, pop, soundtrack, etc., that put the Californian, Josh Davis, at the head and vanguard of electronic music giving its author the status of ‘the chosen one'.

Allison Godfrapp and Will Gregory did their debut in 2000 under the name of Goldrapp with the magnificent ‘Felt Mountain'; an evocative exercise of Trip-hop that gathered all sorts of praise both from the press and the public. From their second album ‘Black Cherry (2003) they redefine their work looking for something more danceable; a tendency that would stand out in their music up until ‘Head First' (2010), with perhaps, the exception of ‘Seventh Tree' (2008).

Alexander Ridha is the name of the producer and composer of Boys Noize. His centre of operations is in Berlin, where he moved from Hamburg, his birthplace although his indie-techno could very well be from Paris' Daft Punk, Motorbass, etc. He has remixed Depeche Mode, Feist and Justice among others.

Melbourne's trio, Midnight Juggernauts, debuted in 2007 with ‘Dystopia', an album full of electronic pop enjoyable from beginning to end. Vincent, Andy and Daniel weave plethoric melodies around the powerful yet subtle bass and keyboards. ‘Into The Galaxy', ‘Ending of an Era' and ‘Shadows' are a must on everyone's playlist.

‘Real Life Is No Cool' (2010) is the title of the last adventure of Norwegian producer and musician Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. This time, he has joined Christabelle, giving birth to the Lindstrøm & Christabelle duo. Danceable electronic music that lies somewhere in between Eurodisco and funk.

Daedelus, Alfred Darlington, is the inventor of parallel musical universes in constant expansion due to a curiosity that can be said to be motorized by Monome. He is a Californian DJ, musician and producer that has worked for first class record labels such as Ninja Tune.

Phil Kieran, DJ, musician and producer from Belfast whose career started during his residency in club Shine; in the same city. His personal Techno and House style have taken him around the main European Clubs.

Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins) is behind the musical career of Dublin born Fionn Regan. The co-proprietor of Bella Union - home of Fleet Foxes and Beach House, among others- signed the young guitarist, singer and composer up to publish their debut ‘The End of History' (2006); album that includes pop-folk gems such as ‘Put a Penny In The Slot' and ‘Be Good or Be Gone'. ‘The Shadow of An Empire' (2010) is the title of their electrical second album.

jj is a duo from Gothenburg (Sweden) fostered in Secretly Canadian. We know very little from them; they are surrounded by a halo of mystery: whiteness and the utmost lack of information make up ‘nº3' (2010), title of their second album which was preceded by their debut; ‘nº2' and the EP ‘nº1'. Ethereal electronic, sporadic guitars and Balearic beats form the base for an angelical voice that make up fragile songs full of Nordic delicacy.

Delorentos is a quartet from Dublin was formed in 2005 and that have 2 albums up to date: ‘In Love with Detail' (2007) and the new ‘You Can Make Sound'. Energetic pop-rock with a strong punk accent via The Clash, and very much in line with The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, for example.

Heirs of both the best British pop-rock - The Beatles and Badfinger- as well as North American traditions -Big Star and Raspberries-, The Sunday Drivers were born in Toledo towards the end of the 90's. Their first album was published in 2003, but it wasn't until the publication of ‘Little Heart Attacks' (2004) that the band earned the reputation they now enjoy at an international level. Their last album, ‘The End of Maiden Trip' (2009) has once again, put them in the firing line.

Alondra Bentley, semi-finalist in 2008's Proyecto Demo has gained a right to enter the nourished and unexpected group of Spanish composers and interpreters that have given a name to a genre that was practically inexistent in our country: Folk. With Russian Red and Anni B Sweet, Alondra Bentley has entered this group of contemporary bards that follow Vashti Bunyan's trail.