Five Finger Death Punch frontman Steps Out With Ghost Machine

posted October 18, 2007

Five Finger Death Punch frontman Steps Out With Ghost MachineFive Finger Death Punch frontman, Ivan Moody, recently spoke with, where he discussed his side-project Ghost Machine in-depth. Ghost Machine is the side-project of Moody, along with ex-Clay People guitarist, John Stevens, and former Motograter drummer, Chris "Crispy" Binns.

"The Ghost Machine album was actually written when I was going through spiritual depression, as that was written right after Motograter and just prior to Five Finger Death Punch," says Moody. "That album was more of an experiment for me and there are certain artistic sides of me, like I love Depeche Mode, Love and Rockets and The Cure. I really wanted to dabble in that side of things where I didn’t have to scream as much and I could be a little more artsy. I love Ghost Machine and we’re looking at putting out another album next year that will be a double disc with all kinds of remixes and a DVD. I love that project and it’s probably one of the closest things to my soul."

Ghost Machine recently released the band’s debut album Hypersensitive on Corporate Punishment Records. The album was engineered and co-produced by Pete Murray (Ultraspank, Lo-Pro) and draws from a wide range of influences that range from like Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Tool and Ministry. Ghost Machine has managed to paint its own portrait of an electronic emotionally rich landscape while still capturing the edge and raw energy that is heavy rock. The group’s debut album can be streamed in its entirety online.

"I love that album," continues Moody about Ghost Machine. "The song 'God Forbid' is about the Motograter fans that were turning on me and "Vegas Moon" was about Steve Richards' passing, because he was living in Vegas at the time and we were staying with him. 'Burning Bridges' was written about Motograter and how it was so hard for people to see the other side of the coin. There was a lot of stuff on that album that people will never see. These are experiences that I had to live through and I'm lucky enough to be able to put them on tape and share them with people. That to me is the biggest gift in the world."