Fresh Millions Deposit Self-Titled Debut Produced By The Sword's Bryan Richie

posted October 22, 2010

Fresh Millions Deposit Self-Titled Debut Produced By The Sword's Bryan Richie

The long journey for songwriter, electronics aficionado, and Fresh Millions founding member Geoff Earle will come to an end on November 23rd with the release of the band's self-titled debut album, on fellow Austinite Butcher Bear's [iN]Sect Records. Produced by Bryan Richie of Austin's The Sword, Fresh Millions' debut blends disco-era bass lines, electro-era pop synthesizers, heavy, disjointed, danceable beats, and the random jazz sample. Earle's talent at writing pop hooks, which he acquired during his early days spent as a pop producer for Columbia Records, and Richie's stoner metal background, oddly mesh well together, creating a sonically experimental yet accessible debut.

Earle, who began writing hip-hop beats in a dorm room at Loyola University in New Orleans, decided to create a live band around loops that were a bit too weird for Top 40 radio. He set out to create a sound that would engage dance club crowds while still maintaining a level of sophistication and musicianship for prog rock heads. With the the current line-up of Earle, Cody Skinner (guitar) and Dan Skarbek (drums), Fresh Millions' sound has been shaped and polished over time to now resemble something like The E Street Band moon lighting as the Paisely Park studio band, minus all the sax.

Track Listing:

  1. Forever
  2. The Helicopter
  3. Monty
  4. The Million Dollar Bill (part 1)
  5. The Million Dollar Bill (part 2)
  6. Percival
  7. Step by Step
  8. Just One Word (feat. Charlie)
  9. Spunout