Grand Champeen To Release New Album On In Music We Trust Records

posted January 31, 2007

Grand Champeen To Release New Album On In Music We Trust RecordsAustin-based rock 'n' roll quartet Grand Champeen will release their new album, "Dial 'T' For This" nationally on April 10, 2007 via Portland, Oregon-based independent record label, In Music We Trust Records.

Grand Champeen are Michael Crow (guitar/vocals), Alex Livingstone (bass/vocals), Ned Stewart (drums), and Channing Lewis (vocals/guitar).

"The most important thing to note about this record is that we recorded and mixed it to tape, without the aid of Pro Tools or any editing software," proudly states Channing Lewis, front man for Grand Champeen.

The thirteen-track album was recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by the band at their Austin-based recording studio.

It is their fourth full-length, and first for In Music We Trust Records. The record follows 2000's self-released "Out Front by the Van", 2002's "Battle Cry for Help (Glurp), and 2003's "The One That Brought You" (Glurp).

"We recorded ["Dial 'T' For This"] ourselves, as we always have, but we were way harder on ourselves than ever before," explains Lewis. "We set out to achieve a much tighter sound than 2003¹s ŒThe One That Brought You¹ (Glurp Records), which was about as sloppy as records get."

The band decided they wanted a more precise record, one that was more structure than slop, but equally heartfelt and potent.

"We were successful in getting that level of precision, but it was a lot of hard work. It was a real learning process, but it was a desire born out of touring with some really great bands, and humbly recognizing some of our shortcomings," Lewis confesses. "It¹s not like we wanted to make a Steely Dan or Rush album, or anything like that, but we knew we wanted to have some sparse arrangements, and sparse-ness and slop don¹t mix."

The record is filled with moments that have each band member ecstatic and ready to tour in support of the record to show it off to the world.

Whether it¹s Michael Crow playing the strings on "What It Beats", the album opener, a pure haunting arrangement that gives the short song its depth, or Ned Stewart¹s drumming from start to finish, the band knows all their hard work and energy they put into this paid off.

Other highlights on the album include the vocal harmonies on "Wounded Eye", the use of piano throughout ("Something we¹ve been wanting to incorporate for a long time," says Lewis), or even the bass lick at the :45 marker in "To The Ideas". Everything on the album has its place and gives "Dial ŒT¹ For This" its sound.

But, even with the extra time spent tightening up and polishing the recording, it is still a Grand Champeen record, and it still rocks.