Heavy Artillery Records Sign Midnight Chaser

posted October 29, 2010

Heavy Artillery Records Sign Midnight Chaser

Heavy Artillery Records has announced the signing of San Francisco traditional hard rock and heavy metal purveyors Midnight Chaser. Forged in the blast furnaces of Pittsburgh and tempered in the waters of the San Francisco Bay comes a new force in the art of badass; enter Midnight Chaser! Influenced by the gods of '70s and '80s hard rock and heavy metal, Midnight Chaser was originally conceived of by guitarist Stephen Lauck and bassist "Texas" Josh Hunt while both still living in Pittsburgh, the Rust Belt of Pennsylvania. However it wasn't until both rockers found themselves relocated to the fog cloaked Bay Area of California that Midnight Chaser began to take shape.

First recruiting the steam hammer drumming skills of Brandon Thomas, the pair immediately knew that they had found the missing piece of their rhythm section that they had been searching for. All that was lacking now was a voice that could suitably realize their ambitions. Unsatisfied with the pool of vocal talent in their new surroundings they imported fellow Pittsburgh native Scott Atwood in order to fill the final void and complete that which is Midnight Chaser. The line-up finally completed, the band whipped themselves into a creative furor, writing and rehearsing original material while playing shows up and down the West Coast, rocking any venue that would have them from bars and theaters to strip clubs and basements.

Having completed recording their debut full length album, tentatively scheduled for a February 2011 release on Heavy Artillery Records, Midnight Chaser is now ready to hit the rest of the world like a runaway train.