I Got A Violet Announce Release Of Debut Album "Backwash"

posted November 12, 2009

I Got A Violet Announce Release Of Debut Album "Backwash"

I Got A Violet have announced the release of their album "Backwash" via New Model Label. The album is currently available digitally and will hits stores on CD in January 2010. The CD will be distributed worldwide by Audioglobe. The first single off of I Got A Violet's "Backwash" is "Swing Swang."

I Got A Violet are a three piece band coming from the Po delta area, Italy. Their sound is a mix of garage rock, '60s beat, and psychedelic influences together with a glam/pop touch with abstract lyrics that create a visionary kaleidoscope on everyday life. "Backwash" is their debut album. It was recorded and produced by the band in their own studio and mixed with strictly analogue equipment. The album features ten previously unreleased track, including the singles "Swing Swang" and "Glitter Hairspray."

I Got a Violet is Stefano Sagredin on vocals, guitars; Alberto Spadon on guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals; and Elia Domeneghetti - Drums - backing vocals.

Video: I Got A Violet - "Swing Swang"


  1. 1. Ghost Ranch
  2. Priest Pube
  3. Swing Swang
  4. Brand New Dance
  5. Glitter Hairspray
  6. Girls R Cats
  7. Wasted Life
  8. First moon
  9. Candy Floss
  10. Junky's Elevator
  11. The Invisible Me (Bonus Track - digital only)