IAMX Announces "The Unified Field," Double A-Side Single In December

posted October 26, 2012

IAMX Announces "The Unified Field," Double A-Side Single In December

“Schizophrenic modesty incarnate” is the description IAMX’s Chris Corner gives to The Unified Field, the follow-up to the universally lauded album Volatile Times. For those who are familiar with the music of IAMX, this description fits like a velvet-lined black glove. “I want it to move you, to fuck you and to dictate the psychology of your offspring.” In advance of the release of their fifth album in early 2013, the double A-Sided single for the title track “The Unified Field” will be released, worldwide on December 3, 2012, via 61seconds.

At the same time primal, sensual, dangerous while also philosophical, intelligent and profound, Corner embodies a realm that connects head, heart and heavens while still being very conscious of innate rhythms and melody. The song, “The Unified Field” is a perfect example of that. “The song is based on a scientific theory rooted in quantum physics, that intends to bring together all other scientific theories and to bridge the gaps between consciousness, spirituality and science… a theory of everything so to speak,” he explains without condescension or aloofness. “I find this idea extremely powerful and exciting. It has been floating around for millennia from Taoism to Einstein but there is more science emerging recently to back it up.” While the background of the song is heady and steeped in concepts that would make Mensa blush, the song itself is an epic and expansively atmospheric track awash in echoes and space propelled by a midnight electro beat that’s equally built for a misty forest as it is for a danceclub. “This stuff keeps me awake at night with a racing heart and fired up imagination,” he continues about the song. “Some branches of quantum theory dig into the idea that consciousness pervades and creates all matter, that at the core it is what connects everything and everyone. I know all humans have this underlying nagging feeling that we are just wrapped up in a web of stuff, that particles inside us are just rearranged stardust billions of years old.”

Also included alongside remixes by Swiss electro artists We Love Machines who serve up a swirling, twitchy deep house track, and Faux Tales who rebuilds the song into a propulsive club remix, is the lilting ballad “Quiet The Mind” that highlights Chris’ trademark vocals. “I would say the production on this track 'Quiet The Mind' shows the acoustic extreme of the album,” Chris explains. “As with all IAMX records, there is a dominant electronic sound but this time more subtly intertwined with human performance. And of course the raw emotion is still a huge part of the album. It is just who I am and what I do, I can't get by without letting that stuff out.” Each of the two tracks will have accompanying videos on the single as well.

Recently launching an overly successful PledgeMusic.com campaign for the production and promotion of the new album, IAMX has raised the bar for crowd-funding, garnering over 480% of its initial goal. The project’s goal was initially reached astoundingly almost immediately at launch, to which he exclaimed, “Oh fuck me outrageously, I cannot understand this! 100% pledge crowd-funding reached in under an hour.”

Once fiercely self-produced and independent, Chris Corner has opened the door to collaborations and production assistance for the upcoming record. On his YouTube network, he is documenting the recording of the new record and revealed that Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap, Sneaker Pimps) will be co-producing the album with him. “Working with Jim really brought out subtleties in my singing and playing that I tend to ignore by myself so we wanted to show this throughout the record with more live recording,” he adds. “After Volatile Times, I promised myself I would never make another album alone, so I asked Jim if he was interested in co-producing from scratch with me this time. He had just won a Grammy so he was either going to ask for a fortune or for favours. He loves me so he did it for favours. He is a star, a comrade and gentleman.” To get a unique sound quality that always marks IAMX albums, Chris and Jim found the perfect location in Berlin. “We worked over a three month period in an old, fucked up Nazi-Bunker studio in Berlin in the summer to get most of the programming and recording done,” he explains. “We chose this place because the huge underground halls had incredible reverbs… like singing in a church of evil. “

The upcoming album also marks the reunion of Chris with Liam Howe who formed their internationally-celebrated triphop band Sneaker Pimps. Collectively, they penned such huge international smashes as “6 Underground”, “Spin Spin Sugar” and “Sick”. “Liam came to Berlin and made a cameo appearance on the record with additional synth programming on some of the songs,” he recalls fondly. “He was really animated about the new material and wanted to offer his input. It was very generous and it turned out beautifully. Plus, it was a nice way to work with him after all the distance. It was the first time we have actually been in the studio together since Sneaker Pimps. Old working relationships are heartwarming when you are feeling the solitude and need back up to get over the endless self-doubt.”

Founded in 2004, IAMX has released four albums that cross genres from electro to dance to experimental burlesque to stripped-down pulsating ballads without losing its very-human soul. The media has taken notice, calling IAMX’s music "gorgeous... deliriously gloomy... and endearingly vulnerable" (Alternative Press), “hidden treasures for the ear that are so pristine, so lush and so near-perfect, that you want to share it with the world (9 out of 10)” (Blurt! Magazine), and “enthralling, highly theatrical mix of biting Brit Pop and electronica” (NYLON).

IAMX’s fifth album The Unified Field will be released in early 2013. The double A-sided single “The Unified Field” will be released internationally on December 3, 2012.