Idlewild Gets Help From Fans For 6th LP, Returns To US For First Time In 5 Years

posted July 19, 2010

Idlewild Gets Help From Fans For 6th LP, Returns To US For First Time In 5 Years

Both a leap forward artistically as well as conceptually, Idlewild's sixth studio LP, "Post Electric Blues," will be released stateside October 12 via Nice Music Group. The revered Scottish folk-punk septet will follow this up with their long-awaited return to the US this fall, for the first time in five years. The tour will launch with a two-night stand at The Echo in Los Angeles on November 16 and 17 and snake its way up the West Coast for several dates before heading east to New York for back-to-back nights at the Bowery Ballroom on November 22 and 23, then finally wrapping in Chicago.

This album was an experiment for the veteran band, who after more than a decade of having the support of a record label, found themselves in 2007 on their own. Not wanting to continue down the same perilous path they'd walk before, they took a chance; instead of chasing a deal, they turned to their fans. The gamble was a triumph - both emotionally and financially - and an outpouring of fan support energized the band. Thousands of fans pre-ordered the album via the band's website and facilitated its creation. The result is an album that pays tribute to the group's 15-year history while pushing their sound into new directions.

"Post Electric Blues" finds the band with a rejuvenated spirit, as the Boss-like-bombast that pours out of the speakers attests. Formed in 1995 in Edinburgh, Idlewild has consistently churned out albums oozing of melodic, hook-driven pop-rock and for their latest, they leap from Fleetwood Mac epic folk/rock/pop peaks to joyous Loch-side sing-alongs with the same devil-may-care attitude that put the band on the map. It's the sound of a deft and defiant group, comprised of frontman Roddy Woomble on vocals; Rod Jones on guitar, backing vocals, keyboards; Colin Newton on drums, percussion; Allan Stewart on guitar and Gareth Russell on bass.

There's an evident looseness that pervades this collection, and Woomble attests: "I wanted to have a more off the cuff feel to the record." As the BBC exclaimed: "It's a lively, louche affair, with a healthy blend of raw, rough edges and considered wit."

In addition to helping fund "Post Electric Blues," supporters were treated to exclusive behind the scenes video and audio of the work in progress via a special members-only website that gave them a first-hand look at the production of the record. "The fans of the band were part of this album and were entitled to see the songs being written and to feel a part of them," beams Woomble. "They paid for them to be recorded after all. We all really like and appreciate the fact the fans paid for us to make this album and that all their names are inside of it."

When Brit-pop was still in full swing, Idlewild were dropping out of art school and ingesting Fugazi, Superchunk "and all those small bands on American indie-rock labels." When every new British band from Coldplay to Badly Drawn Boy trotted around with an acoustic guitar, they delivered their debut full-length of erratic punk rock, "Hope Is Important." Over the course of six albums, they have developed into a tamed beast that purrs like James Dean's Harley. They've toured the globe, garnered countless fans, picked up gold and silver sales discs, scored top 10 singles, released a Best Of and a B-Sides collection, not to mention have found themselves atop various year-end lists on both sides of the Atlantic, across Europe, in Japan and many other parts of the known universe.


  • November 16 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Echo
  • November 17 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Echo
  • November 18 - San Francisco, Calif. @ The Independent
  • November 20 - Seattle, Wash. @ Crocodile Café
  • November 22 - New York, N.Y. @ Bowery Ballroom
  • November 23 - New York, N.Y. @ Bowery Ballroom
  • November 24 - Cambridge, Mass. @ Middle East Downstairs
  • November 26 - Chicago, Ill. @ Lincoln Hall