Interloper Records Prepare For Harpoon

posted January 18, 2009

Interloper Records Prepare For Harpoon

Dean Costello and Toney Vast-Binder were originally introduced in 2004 by drummer, John Mendola of Hewhocorrupts. The three of them formed the band Gun Kata (later adding Eugene Marino of The Killer on bass). They released only one split CD with grind legends, Tower of Rome (on Sonic Deadline). Gun Kata ended amicably in 2006 after a hand full of live shows. At that point, Dean started Crazy Stallion (with members of Weekend Nachos); recording one EP and touring the east coast, while Toney focused on his role in the production and support of the last 7000 Dying Rats release Season in Hell (on Hewhocorrupts Inc.)

In January of 2007, Costello approached Vast-Binder about starting a new drum machine project. The two began writing and rehearsing almost immediately. They settled on the name Harpoon right away. Originally Vast-Binder played bass, as well as doing vocals, while Costello played guitar and programmed the drums. They quickly booked time with Sanford Parker (Minsk, Nachtmystium, Lair of the Minotaur) at Volume Studios after Vast-Binder had worked with him the previous year on 7000 Dying Rat's Season in Hell. They completed a 9-song demo with Parker in May of that year which was then mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) at Visceral Sound. They took their live performance on a short east coast tour that summer after playing only two shows locally in Chicago.

Harpoon continued to play many Chicago shows as well as a touring the East coast and the south with The Muzzler (also from Chicago). They went back into the studio in August of 2008, this time with Andy Nelson (of Weekend Nachos) to record the songs for the new CD/LP, Double Gnarly/Triple Suicide. In the interest of uniformity, they rerecorded the songs from the demo as well as three new songs. Scott Hull, once again, performed the mastering duties. A video for the opening track, Company Man, was filmed in August by director, Darryl Miller and is schedule to be released at the same time as Double Gnarly/Triple Suicide.

Since completing Double Gnarly/Triple Suicide, Harpoon added DJ Barraca (formerly of Lair of the Minotaur) on bass. DJ and Vast-Binder had worked together in the past in 7000 Dying Rats. The trio plans on playing a number of short stints, as well as a longer summer tour to support the new release.

Double Gnarly/Triple Suicide invades stores February 10th, 2009. There will be a hometown listening party at Kuma's Korner February 7th. Tour dates coming soon but for now catch 'em locally this winter:

  • 1/17/2009 Metal Shaker - Chicago, IL w/Infinite Missiles, Dios Mio, Black Teeth, Lord Green
  • 2/07/2009 Kuma's Korner - Chicago, IL - Record Releae Party
  • 2/13/2009 Simple Days - Bloomington, IL w/Plague Bringer, Hewhocorrupts, Weekend Nachos
  • 2/14/2009 Mixtapes - East Moline, IL w/Plague Bringer, Hewhocorrupts, Weekend Nachos
  • 2/15/2009 The Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL - Record Release Show w/Plague Bringer, Weekend Nachos, The Muzzler, Tension Generation