International Line-Up Raises Money For Libya With "When Music Comes"

posted April 18, 2011

International Line-Up Raises Money For Libya With "When Music Comes"

As the current political landscape of Libya becomes increasingly unstable, the basic needs of the people are lost in the headlines and political rhetoric. Desiring to help, an international group of artists have merged resources to create "When Morning Comes: Music For Libya," exclusively through

All funds raised, after basic paypal and bandcamp fees, will go directly to The Humanitarian International Services Group (HISG), who is actively working in the effected areas. HISG works in crisis areas worldwide, and are committed to serve innocent people caught in the crossfire of violence.

"When Morning Comes" hopes to raise enough monies to purchase 30 metric tons (66,000 lbs) of flour in Egypt and transport it over the border to supply local bakeries. Impowering these bakers instead of simply handing out loaves of bread, HISC is allowing the local businesses to lead the way in this very turbulent time. Confidence can be rebuilt in local communities while the looming food shortage crisis can be diverted.

HISG is able to boast that less than 10% of all funds raised through their organization goes to administration costs.

"It's amazing that with a clear mission and cause, with technology and an open heart, we can make a difference," states Gunnar Simonsen, Producer of "When Morning Comes." "This project went from concept to release in only 6 days. All of these tracks are very eclectic, yet weave together nicely to tell a story. As we watch heartbreaking news break out of this region, perhaps with this music, we can play a part in bringing a little hope to the people of Libya."

The line-up shares 17 tracks of the music of talented artists from around the world, uniting to help this growing humanitarian crisis.

Artists include:

  • Victor Stranges - Melbourne, Australia
  • DC Cardwell - Melbourne, Australia
  • Enric Sifa - Rwanda via Portland, Oregon
  • Ben-David Gilman - Salem, Oregon
  • Parfait - Senegal via Portland, Oregon
  • Aria Anaforian - Portland, Oregon
  • SAMM - Portland, Oregon
  • John Fisher - Laguna Beach, California
  • Vera - Orlando, Florida
  • Tray Michaels - Portland, Oregon
  • Liana Stone - Salem, Oregon
  • Laura McGreevey - Vancouver, Washington
  • Isaac Sturtevant - Willamina, Oregon
  • Samuel Joseph Kim - Washington DC
  • Shane Simonsen - Kent, Washington
  • Mike Hohnholz - Bellingham Washington
  • Staci Frenes - San Francisco, California