Kings Of Leon Producer Ethan Johns Produces Luther Russell's "Repair"

posted March 21, 2007

Kings Of Leon Producer Ethan Johns Produces Luther Russell's "Repair"Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, and former Geffen/American Recordings recording artist (with his former band, The Freewheelers), Luther Russell will release his fourth solo album, "Repair", engineered and produced by Ethan Johns (Ray LaMontagne, Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams), at Johns' Three Crow Studios, May 22nd on Ungawa/Adrenaline Music Group, distributed by Alternative Distribution Alliance/WEA.

Ethan Johns who not only engineered and produced "Repair", also played all the drums, and a lot of instrumentation on the record. While former Freewheelers bassist Jason Hiller handled all the bass duties.

Constantly running into Johns all around Los Angeles, a friendship was struck between Russell and Johns, and the two began discussing working on a "little record" Russell wanted to do.

That "little" record would become Russell's most heartfelt, realized solo album to date, entitled "Repair".

Entering Three Crow Studios, where Johns had just finished up records by Ray LaMontagne and Kings of Leon, Johns and Russell decided the record, and the songs, needed a live feel to them, to fully bring them to life, and so the majority of instruments and vocal tracks were cut live.

The outcome is an intimate collection of melodic pop songs that thrive with a raw edge that can only be attributed to having been cut mostly live, with the two people at the core having a blast while making a record that, while lyrically may not be fun and playful, sounds like a fun, good time.

Following the release of "Repair", Russell will be playing regionally in the states, and will be planning periodic treks to Europe to promote the record overseas as well.