Legendary Ghoul Rockers 45 Grave Confirm First Release In 19 Years

posted July 31, 2012

Legendary Ghoul Rockers 45 Grave Confirm First Release In 19 Years

Legendary rockers 45 Grave has announced that they will be releasing its first album of new material in more than nineteen years entitled Pick Your Poisonand it promises to be their most musically adventurous to date. Released on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Frontier Records on August 14, Pick Your Poison finds founding member and goth idol Dinah Cancer collaborating with a new line-up that features Adolescents founding member Frank Agnew on guitar.

This musical collaboration could not be more expansive while still maintaining their hallmark lyrical and musical foundation. Cancer and Agnew, along with co-producer Mark Bolton, bassist Brandden Blackwell and drummer Tom Coyne have opened up their collective musical Pandora’s box to allow country, punk, metal, ‘60’s pop and more to grace their new release.

New tracks for the album include: “Pick Your Poison”, “Night of the Demons”, “Child of Fear”, “Akira”, “A Desert Dream”, “Lucky 214”, “Highway 666”, “Johnny”, “Sorceress” and “Winds of Change”.

“The songs on Pick Your Poison represent all the styles of music I like and grew up with,” said Dinah Cancer, lead singer of 45 Grave. “They are the ingredients that make up my style and it’s something Frank Agnew and I share. For instance, on a song like the countrified, “Johnny”, which was written back in 1979, I shared it with Frank Agnew in 2011 during pre-production, he composed the chorus, the bridge and mapped out the song which came out the way I wanted. I think our fans are going to like the new material as well as our new direction because we haven’t lost our edge.”

Formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, 45 Grave was born in the chaos of the punk movement and churned out their own brand of Ghoul Rock, which came to be known as Goth or Deathrock. Their song “Partytime” made it onto the soundtrack to Return of the Living Dead (1984) and debuted on MTV’s The Cutting Edge in 1985. It was around this time that Dinah Cancer began appearing on many a teenager’s lockers and soon found herself as the ultimate punk pinup girl while being hailed as the queen of punk and deathrock by many a fan and fanzine.

With songs licensed today to video games, horror films like Night of the Demons as well as being noted at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles as innovators of goth/industrial genres, 45 Grave have been cited in many biographies for influencing many band from the L.A. scene including Motley Crue, Red Hot Chili Peppers and L.A. Guns.

After a brief reformation in 2005, 45 Grave today find themselves liberated and no longer confined to the constraints of past. For instance, for every track like “The Sorceress” which harkens back to the bands roots, there are tracks like “A Desert Dream” a moody instrumental piano ballad. For songs like the title track, “Pick Your Poison” which is a riff heavy anthem that spells out the bands ethos as post-punk pioneers, there is another track like, “Winds of Change” which features a horn section. 

Dinah credits Frank Agnew with bringing about the necessary musical changes and guts to step out of their comfort zone of ‘the 45 Grave sound’ that people might have come to expect. If the goal was to create a new album where every song could stand on it’s own, where there was no filler and a lyrical story was told on each track, songwriters Cancer and Agnew clearly completed their goal. They allowed their roots to show on Pick Your Poison and are more than pleased with the results. No doubt fans will be too.