M83's Morgan Kibby Unveils White Sea

posted September 9, 2010

M83's Morgan Kibby Unveils White Sea

Morgan Kibby captured hearts and eardrums as the beautiful, spectral voice on M83's LP, "Saturdays = Youth," and she now unveils White Sea with a newly completed EP, "This Frontier," due digitally October 5.

White Sea emerges out of Kibby's creative endeavors with French electronic-pop guru M83. Having started as a co-writer, including the runaway anthem "Kim & Jessie," Kibby went on to contribute vocals and synthesizers on stage, stepping into a more collaborative role and soaking in all there was to learn in her rousing setting.

"While on tour with M83, I was exposed to so many new things," Kibby explains. "When I returned home, I sat down and taught myself Pro Tools, and how to produce. I've really spent the last year figuring out what music I'm excited about making."

Conceived, recorded and produced nearly entirely on her own, "This Frontier" embodies the multifaceted nature of Kibby's cosmos, which draws inspiration from disco bass lines, '60s spaghetti westerns and the envelope-pushing work of Ennio Morricone's soundtracks. The five-song indie-pop EP explodes with cinematic crescendos, tinkling chimes, shining harmonies, dramatic bass lines, party beats, tempered synthesizers, all threaded by Kibby's unmistakable, angelic voice. Fused in layered textural complexity and cascading vocals, the scope of material defies categorization other than anthemic, dancey, and rich with harmonies, proving Kibby to be entirely more than just a pretty voice.

Embracing her new toolbox of skills, Kibby expanded her repertoire further and recently completed a bouncy remix of School of Seven Bells' "Dust Devil," rich with her signature moody synth sound. The track will accompany the September 14 digital release of single, "Heart Is Strange."

Next up, White Sea will set sail live. Stay tuned for tour dates.