Majestic Twelve Featured On NPR's Song Of The Day

posted January 17, 2007

Majestic Twelve Featured On NPR's Song Of The Day"Break it and Breathe" from the Majestic Twelve's critically acclaimed second album "Schizophrenology", is featured as NPR's 'Song of the Day' today.

"This record just keeps gaining momentum, it's amazing," comments Majestic Twelve frontman Kenyata Sullivan. "Our new video for 'Break It and Breathe' will be debuting in the next few weeks, so the timing is fantastic. We're really grateful."

According to NPR staff writer Marc Hirsh, "The Majestic Twelve filters an entire decade's worth of what was once called 'college rock', from Devo to Husker Du to Midnight Oil, into a little more than three and an half minutes."

"Schizophrenology" has been downloaded over 17,000 times since releasing independently for free, and charted nationally -out of the blue- on college radio for more than two months. Initial tracks like the politically charged spoof, "Condoleezza Check My Posse", gained the attention of MDs, fans and friends everywhere. However a deeper listen to the collection of genre bending songs reveal such topics as resilience through tragedy, as exemplified by "Break It and Breathe". Free downloads of "Schizophrenology" are still available at

"Schizophrenology" was co-produced by Sullivan and Jerry Kee (Superchunk,Polvo, Ryan Adams). In addition to writing and recording songs for the untitled third Majestic Twelve album due in the fall of '07, Sullivan has landed a book deal to write about his experiences in the underground music scene to be released concurrently with album.