Majestic Twelve Singer Kenyata Sullivan Will Moonlight In The Mp3 Blogosphere This Year

posted January 25, 2007

Majestic Twelve Singer Kenyata Sullivan Will Moonlight In The Mp3 Blogosphere This YearThe Majestic Twelve lead singer Kenyata Sullivan, a longtime fan and archivist of obscure and unreleased music, launched his own Mp3 pictoblog, on January 1st, and didn't tell anyone. That rat bastard.

"From death metal to techno, spoken word to low-fi, lounge, hardcore, indie rock, hip hop, power pop, backwoods Cajun, and demo garage slaughterhouse pandemonium, there's just so much great unheard stuff," says Sullivan. "It's fun to put it out there, and of course ruin some perfectly good shirts in the process. features one great ridiculously obscure song every day (accompanied by a photo of someone in a hand-sharpied half-assed shirt) for the entire year of 2007. That's the gig. Can I go now? Oh. Do you have any Slim Jims or other processed meat products? I like those."

Sullivan became a part of the cassette culture in the 1980's, first as a zine publisher and then later as the front-man for the greatly respected Pandora's Lunchbox. Despite being courted by major labels, Sullivan consciously chose a career as an independent artist long before it was fashionable. He launched the FED cassette series which would introduce artists like Spoon, Conor Oberst and The Bouncing Souls to the public, co-founded the W.E. Fest independent music festival which showcased bands like The Dismemberment Plan, Mooney Suzuki and Lamb Of God years before most people were paying attention, and co-founded the Opulence! label, putting out such notable CDs as the Noise Kills Punk Dead compilation for Thora-Zine Magazine, "This Revolution" by Dufus (now signed to ROIR), and Brickbat's second disc, produced by Steve Albini.