Megasus To Trample The Masses Via 20 Buck Spin

posted October 12, 2009

Megasus To Trample The Masses Via 20 Buck Spin

Continuing their pillaging of the ever-fertile Providence, Rhode Island, scene, 20 Buck Spin presents the self-titled debut from Megasus on November 24th. A mini-tour and a 2nd album are already in the planning stages.

The sordid history of Megasus goes something like this. Four dudes all working for Harmonix - the video game developer who brought the world's most popular video games, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, to life - decided to get together to create a metal band of wild power. Featuring long-time Providence musicians, most notably Brian Gibson, bass-player of noise-rock duo Lightning Bolt, the band set out to simply have fun and write killer, memorable heavy metal songs. After having two songs, "Megasus" and "Red Lottery," both featured on this debut, placed into Rock Band and Guitar Hero 2 long before this album's release the band has already created a large awareness of their music to lovers of these video games.

Earlier in 2009 Megasus self-released an extremely limited edition vinyl version of their self-titled debut, a mere 200 copies. 20 Buck Spin got hold of a copy after happening across the band online and immediately contacted them about releasing the album on CD format to a wider audience, feeling these songs shouldn't be limited to such a small run.

Megasus tracklist:

  1. Ten Kingdoms
  2. Megasus
  3. Swords
  4. Hexes / Szaadek
  5. Paladin Vs. Berserker
  6. Red Lottery
  7. Iron Mountain