Necrophobic Release New Album Details

posted September 18, 2013

Necrophobic Release New Album Details

Cult Swedish death/black metal powerhouse Necrophobic have released new details about their forthcoming album, "Womb of Lilithu." ‘Womb of Lilithu' is slated for release via Season of Mist on October 29th in North America (October 25th worldwide). Necrophobic recently released the first track from their forthcoming album. The new track, titled "Splendour Nigri Solis" is available through Spotify and Bandcamp.

‘Womb of Lilithu’ will be released as a Digipak CD, black double LP with white splatters (limited to 150 copies), clear double LP (limited to 400 copies), and regular black double LP. All formats, as well as t-shirt and CD+shirt bundles, can be pre-ordered.

Formed in 1989, the highly-influential Necrophobic are widely regarded as pioneers of satanic Swedish black/death metal, and a band that has directly influenced many of the countries most renowned metal exports (Watain, Shining, Tribulation, Naglfar). Necrophobic stood apart from their contemporaries by combining haunting melodies with the harsher aspects of death and black metal's aggression.

Necrophobic's recording line-up: Joakim Sterner: drums, Tobias Sidegård: vocals, Alexander Friberg: bass, and Fredrik Folkare: guitar.

Track list:

  1. Womb of Lilithu
  2. Splendour Nigri Solis
  3. Astaroth
  4. Furfur
  5. Black Night Raven
  6. The Necromancer
  7. Marquis Phenex
  8. Asmodee
  9. Marchosias
  10. Matanbuchus
  11. Paimon
  12. Opium Black
  13. Infinite Infernalis
  14. Amdusias