Nick Oliveri, Brant Bjork, John Garcia Reform As Kyuss Lives

posted November 3, 2010

Nick Oliveri, Brant Bjork, John Garcia Reform As Kyuss Lives

Three-quarters of Kyuss will reunite for a European tour under the moniker Kyuss Lives, Blabbermouth is reporting. Bassist Nick Olivieri, drummer Brant Bjork and singer John Garcia will be joined by guitarist Bruno Fevery, who most recently played with Garcia in the Garcia Plays Kyuss project.

Olivieri, Bjork and Garcia last played together when they reunited this past June for an appearance at the Hellfest, which took place in Clisson, France. Oliveri and Bjork joined Garcia on stage to perform the songs "Gardenia" and "Green Machine" during a headlining appearance by Garcia's Garcia Plays Kyuss project.

Since Kyuss, Garcia's musical projects include Sloburn, Unida and Garcia's most recent band Hermano, plus side projects with The Crystal Method, Danko Jones, and countless others who embraced the singer from the Southern California desert.

Kyuss, the inventors of Desert Rock, have been in the last ten years much more popular than when they were still around in the early Nineties. So, due to massive public demand over the years to play songs from his old cult band Kyuss, Garcia finally made the decision to give the fans what they want.

The last couple of years John Garcia thought often about reviving his Kyuss legacy on stage. The more he thought about it, the more he really wanted to do this. Garcia commented, "I don't want to do this just for myself, but especially for the fans. Both for the ones that have seen Kyuss live back in the days, and especially for the ones who haven't had that chance. This could be as close as they could get to the real thing. Please bear in mind that this could be a one-off unique opportunity!"

Garcia is a vocalist who has been a member of Kyuss, Sloburn, Unida and Hermano. His vocals have become synonymous with modern stoner rock and the desert rock sound. While still in high school, Garcia help start Kyuss (originally known as Sons Of Kyuss) in 1989 with guitarist Josh Homme. The band produced five albums in total, all of which featured Garcia on vocals.

In October 1995, just three months after releasing what could be argued as their breakthrough album "...And The Circus Leaves Town" (thanks to MTV airplay), Kyuss broke up. Their last recording was a 10" vinyl on the now-defunct label Man's Ruin Records, which was later re-released on a split CD with Homme's Queens of the Stone Age. The band has been on an indefinite hiatus ever since and has reached a legendary status, influencing thousands of new young rock bands.

Confirmed dates so far:

  • Mar. 11 - Bergen, Norway @ Rökeriet
  • Mar. 12 - Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
  • Mar. 13 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser Medis
  • Mar. 15 - Hamburg, Germany @ Docks
  • Mar. 16 - Berlin, Germany @ Columbia Halle
  • Mar. 17 - Saarbrücken, Germany @ Garage
  • Mar. 18 - Basel, Switzerland @ Z7
  • Mar. 19 - München, Bayern, Germany @ Backstage Werk
  • Mar. 20 - Budapest, Hungary @ Gödör
  • Mar. 22 - Vienna, Austria @ Arena
  • Mar. 23 - Milan, Italy, @ Live Club
  • Mar. 24 - Frankfurt, Germany @ Hugenottenhalle
  • Mar. 25 - Paris, France @ Elysee Montmartre
  • Mar. 26 - Athens, Greece @ Fuss Club
  • Mar. 27 - Brussels, Belgium @ AB
  • Mar. 28 - Cologne, Germany @ Live Music Hall
  • Mar. 29 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
  • Mar. 31 - Nottingham, ., United Kingdom @ Rock City
  • Apr. 01 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom @ Wulfrun Hall
  • Apr. 02 - London, United Kingdom @ The Forum