Nico Vega Premiere New Music Video

posted October 30, 2012

Nico Vega Premiere New Music Video

Los Angeles based independent rock band Nico Vega are set to premiere the first video and title track from their upcoming album We Are The Art (due Spring 2013 on Five Seven Music) via VICE's  The video will exclusively stream for 48 hours, starting Monday, October 29th. Noisey will also be offering a free audio download of "We Are The Art" from their website.

Nico Vega, singer/lyricist Aja Volkman, guitarist Rich Koehler and drummer Daniel Epand - drew from intensely personal experiences on their sophomore album, expressing their passion for art and politics to deliver some of the most poignant tunes they have ever written. Epand, who recently began experimenting with cameras and directing, developed the concept for the video which showcases Aja's stark beauty and gripping vocal stylings, while revealing a twist at the end which is a true statement/celebration of "art." We Are The Art was recorded in studios around Los Angeles as well as at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas. It showcases the band's trademark blues-laden guitar rock, with soaring synths thrown in for good measure.

The band's song "Beast" (from their self-title album released in 2009) was recently featured in the epic trailer for the new video game BioShock Infinite, which has over 1 million views in less than a week.