North American Release Of Year Of No Light's 'Nord'

posted February 28, 2007

North American Release Of Year Of No Light's 'Nord'As part of our current plundering of the French art-metal underground, Crucial Blast will be releasing a domestic version of 'Nord', the colossal debut from French ensemble Year Of No Light that was originally released via the French label Radar Swarm earlier in 2006.

Year Of No Light bring an amazing set of songwriting chops to the 10 songs that make up 'Nord', a heavy, chugging metallic monster that channels both gloomy atmospherics reminiscent of The Cure, and crushing Neurosis-inspired dirgecore, heavy and raw but at times extremely beautiful. To Crucial Blast, Year Of No Light's Nord seems to orbit the guitar-heavy early 90's alt rock of bands like Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr., The Cure and My Bloody Valentine, just as much as it draws from the dirgey, metallic, crushing post-hardcore of Isis and Neurosis. Sure, there are a ton of bands out there that touch upon similar influences, but they can't think of anyone recently that has delivered an album in this style that is quite this catchy and well-written. Nord flows seamlessly between passages of ultra melodic post-rock and frenzied bursts of dissonant, crushing hardcore, to austere radiant guitar figures and gorgeous Troum-esque ambient drones, to massive doomy dirge metal, utterly gorgeous Loveless-esque melodic bliss, and some almost folksy, but unbelievably EPIC riffs, with powerful, strained vocals fighting through their wall of sound.

Crucial Blast's release of 'Nord' for North America is planned for May 2007.