Paper + Plastick Records Announce Summer 7" Series With Anti-Flag, The Ataris, Weatherbox

posted May 30, 2010

Paper + Plastick Records Announce Summer 7" Series With Anti-Flag, The Ataris, Weatherbox

Paper + Plastick Records has announced a series of ten 7” releases this summer, which will include etched B-sides, elaborate artwork, and multi-color vinyl. The Summer 7” Series kicked off with a new song from Pittsburgh political punkers Anti-Flag, entitled “Queens And Kings,” from "The Second Coming Of Nothing" 7”. The record is available in white or rainbow vinyl, with the Side B containing an etching of Jesus and Moses kissing. Also available is "Jonxer" B/W "Get Up And Go" from St. Alvia. Fans can pick up the 7” in either root beer or violet, and will receive an instant digital download from Paper + Plastick.

The vinyl/digital label run by Less Than Jake drummer and lyricist Vinnie Fiorello has been picking up a lot of steam in its first year of operation. With nearly twenty 12” releases, and just as many 7” and digital releases, the decision to put out a series of 7" singles was an easy decision for Fiorello.

“Out of all the formats of vinyl, I have the most love for the 7” record,” admits the punk veteran. “This was the easiest way to get to know a band when I was getting into punk music. It was a trophy, and a badge of honor. If you were in a band and had a 7” record coming out, you felt like you made it.”

Lined up for the Summer Series are 7" releases from The Ataris and Weatherbox, with more to be announced shortly.

Fiorello adds, “What better time than summer to release a bunch of music that I like with new and old friends. I’ve been friends with Anti-Flag for a while since we toured together years back, and St. Alvia has members of Jersey, which I released on Fueled By Ramen. Weatherbox are new friends and an amazing band.”

Below is the release schedule, which will be revealed throughout the summer.

  • May 25 – Anti-Flag / The Second Coming Of Nothing
  • May 25 – St. Alvia / Jonxer B/W Get Up And Go
  • July 6 – The Ataris / All Souls Day
  • Aug 24 – Weatherbox / Christpuncher