Pastepunk Celebrates 12th Anniversary With Free MP3 Compilation

posted October 18, 2010

Pastepunk Celebrates 12th Anniversary With Free MP3 Compilation

Well-respected, long-running webzine is celebrating its 12th anniversary by teaming up with Beartrap PR to offer a free MP3 compilation containing 17 songs of previously unreleased and rare material, demo recordings for upcoming releases and several exclusive tracks recorded specifically for the comp.

The Pastepunk 12th Anniversary MP3 Compilation features songs from some of the best young, up-and-coming bands in punk, hardcore and indie rock today, including One Win Choice, Lipona, Annabel, Ludlow Lions, Banquets, Campaign, Solar Bear, Everyone Everywhere, Junior Battles, PJ Bond, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, Museum Mouth, Animal Names, The Reveling, The Saddest Landscape, Only Thieves and Thinking Machines.

Embracing the digital revolution, this collection of tracks commands your attention and begs to be shared with friends. These 17 songs are free but will only be available for the next month, so grab it now. The compilation's artwork was design by York and Russ from Campaign.

Pastepunk's mission all along has been not only to entertain on a daily basis, but do so with thought-provoking commentary, discerning tastes and a bit of humor. In the words of the site's creator: "After 12 years of running Pastepunk, the only thing I can conclude is that I should have started a consumer technology blog instead."


  1. One Win Choice - "Frame Your Favorite Pictures" (from upcoming full-length, Conveyor)
  2. Lipona - "The River" (from upcoming full-length, Networks)
  3. Annabel - "Decisions, Decisions" (from upcoming split 10" on CYLS)
  4. Ludlow Lions - "Utah Utah, I" (unreleased)
  5. Banquets - "Teddy, My Pal, and His Panama Canal" (from German release of Nothing is Fucked Here)
  6. Campaign - "Your Old Mess" (from upcoming EP, Blood Sweat and Beers)
  7. Solar Bear - "The Lurking Class" - (Pastepunk exclusive)
  8. Everyone Everywhere- "Turn and Go and Turn" (exclusive track for Japanese release of Self-Titled LP)
  9. Junior Battles - "Ghostin' (Con El Lobo Adolescente)" (demo for upcoming 2011 full-length)
  10. PJ Bond - "Darling, I've Been Drinking Nights" (demo for upcoming 2011 full-length)
  11. Ghost Robot Ninja Bear - "The Curtain Call" (from upcoming Self-Titled full-length)
  12. Museum Mouth - "Egghead" (Pastepunk exclusive)
  13. Animal Names - "Not The Best Hat" (unreleased b-side from Ballet Bones)
  14. The Reveling - "Unglued" (demo for upcoming 2011 full-length)
  15. The Saddest Landscape - "Raisans" (unreleased Dinosaur Jr. cover)
  16. Only Thieves - "Song for Jimmy Boom Boom" (b-side from Heartless Romantics)
  17. Thinking Machines - "Sora" (b-side from Work Tapes)