Pigface To Release New Album, "6"

posted June 12, 2009

Pigface To Release New Album, "6"

Detroit-based label Full Effect Records announces the signing of Martin Atkins' legendary Industrial supergroup Pigface. Pigface members have included a virtual who's-who of Industrial dance music. Past contributors include Trent Reznor (NIN), Ogre (Skinny Puppy), Taime Downe (Faster Pussycat), and an ever-rotating cast of notable artists.

"The band's unique approach to collaboration creates of sense of mystery. It's hard to predict the direction of the band’s new music, let alone who will be performing at their live shows. Our live shows get kind of crazy," Atkins says. "Often with 12 or more performers on the stage at one time."

The new Pigface album, entitled "6," is set to be released June 16th and has already cracked the CMJ Top 200 Adds and the Top 5 RPM Adds.

Atkins has much to say about the new album, which was seven years in the making.

"This process began before the last tour, way before it. Some tracks came together at the very end of the tour. Upon return, we all went immediately in the studio to see what we had (even Hanin Elais was there). Later, Chris Connelly came in to do vocals on 'Electric Knives Club.' Everything was going along very well (for a Pigface album) then I decided to go to China.... In many ways my China Dub Soundsystem album was Pigface 5.5. When I got back in late 2006, I started editing 16 Days in China which just won the Best Feature Length Documentary Award at CIMM 2009. Before I went back to China in 2008, the guys from Zeromancer had dramatically re-worked 'Mercenary.' I took that hard drive into a huge, beautiful SSL studio (A String) in Beijing and mixed it there. So, yeah....this album has been a long time coming."

While guided -- as always -- by the creative instincts of Atkins, "6" features new and veteran Pigface contributors, such as En Esch (ex-KMFDM) and Chris Connelly.

Full Effect label owner Anthony Srock sees the influence Pigface has had on the music scene and how they fit with the label.

"Pigface has always been cutting edge in the Industrial world," Srock says. "We, as a label, are truly honored to have the Pigface camp join us."

Pigface is a prolific act, putting out numerous albums, remixes and compilations since its inception in 1991. Most of those releases came out on Atkins’ own Invisible Records. But the release of "6" on Full Effect marks the very first time Atkins has put out a new full-length album on another label.

"Pigface has always been something different for me and looking at the prospect of releasing the album through my own channels I realized that I just didn't feel like it. I thought that maybe it was time for someone who would be enthusiastic about the finished album to sink their teeth into it. Does that make any sense? That, in some ways, for me, the album is finished. My A.D.D. brain is busy with plans for the publishing company and the new school I’m starting. But, for Tony and Full Effect it’s just beginning. I'm excited to see what they can do with their machinery and interested in how NOT being responsible for all of this will free me up. I'm actually looking forwards to the prospect of a tour where EVERYTHING isn’t at my feet. I've know Tony for a long time - back from when I used to drink (that’s a long time) so this feels good to me......and, shit, Rabbit Junk rocks!!!"

This summer Pigface officially joins the ranks of Full Effect Records along with as Faster Pussycat, Fashion Bomb, Final Cut, Newlydeads, Majesty Crush, Paul Epic, Rabbit Junk, and Crud. Pigface hits the road for a live tour in the Fall 2009.