Pirates Press Announces 2010 Release Schedule

posted November 16, 2009

Pirates Press Announces 2010 Release Schedule

Pirates Press has anounced their upcoming release schedule for the remaining portion of 2009 and into 2010. Included in the schedule are new albums and reissues from Cock Sparrer, Detournement, Harrington Saints, Smalltown and more. This past weekend Pirates Press celebrated its fifth anniversary with special shows at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco featuring Cock Sparrer, Off With Their Heads, Harrington Saints, The Re-Volts, Detournement and more.

The label will release Cock Sparrer's "Shock Troops," "Runnin' Riot 94," and more reissues in 2010. The label has secured the licensing for "basically all the rest of the amazing Sparrer catalog," and will be releasing it all remastered and in an array of extremely high quality vinyl-only collectors editions in the coming year.

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, Detournement's second release, "Awaken with Millions from One Heart," is a collection of love-letters to the proletariat, anti-capitalist pillow-talk, and pop-punk songs for class warfare.

Produced by Bouncing Souls guitarist, Pete Steinkopf, "Awaken..." follows a similar approach to Detournement's debut, "Screaming Response," which was accused of making "good on the promise their pedigree commands" by Alternative Press, charged as being "classic hardcore punk!" by Jersey Beat, and convicted as "a violently political album" by Heathen Harvest.

Pressed on limited edition die-cut "heart-shaped" vinyl available from Pirates Press Records. Limited to 500, spread across two configurations of colored vinyl (Blood Red [250pcs] and Red and Yellow Sunburst [1/250]). Digital Download available from Chunksaah Records.

Detournement features members of The Ratchets, Bigwig, Ensign, Worthless United, and Plan A Project.

Detournement - "Awaken..." Tracklisting:

  1. Chicago '68
  2. Jenny Von Westphalen
  3. Awaken With Millions

As a followup to Smalltown's recent full-length on Deranged Records, the band's "Read Between The Lines" EP features four originals and three cover. This pressing is limited to 500, spread across three variations of vinyl (Black [50 pcs], Blood Red [275 pcs], and Red/Orange Sunburst [175 pcs]) and packaged in a die-cut "rising sun" record jacket.

Smalltown "Read Between The Lines" Tracklisting:

  1. Boiling Point
  2. A Turn For The Worse
  3. Disconnected
  4. Read Between The Lines
  5. Where Did We Go Wrong (The Strike)
  6. All Good Things (The Statues)
  7. Radio Radio (Elvis Costello)

From the remnants of Bay Area bands The Burdens and Romeo's Dead comes the new streetpunk band The Harrington Saints. Pirates Press will release the band's "Dead Broke in the USA" on CD only; vinyl is available through Longshot Music. The Harrington Saints will be embarking on a a mini-tour of California in late-November with Australia's SLICK46.

The Harrington Saints "Dead Broke In The USA" Track Listing:

  1. Dead Broke in the USA
  2. Pub Song
  3. Bootstraps
  4. Guilty
  5. Working Class Friday Night
  6. Let's Go
  7. Fistful of Brass
  8. Kings' Schilliag
  9. A Nation Divided