Punk Core Signs Total Chaos

posted December 12, 2007

Punk Core Signs Total ChaosAmidst the plastic cultural wasteland of Los Angeles where punk in the early days used to have a riotous effect, one band has risen to the task of smashing the current state of complacency, and that band is Total Chaos whom Punk Core is proud to announce is now apart of their exclusive roster. For just shy of two decades Total Chaos has solidified themselves as a staple of the American underground punk scene by wreaking havoc with their brand of spiky, raucous punk rock. While the scene has constantly been in a state of flux, Total Chaos has endured and stuck to their guns; which is what makes them just as relevant today as they have been for years.

Determined to revitalize the Southern California punk scene and destined to bring their message of socio political driven punk rock to the world, Total Chaos reared its ugly head for the first time in October 1989. By 1992 Total Chaos put themselves on the map with the self-release of their debut 7”, followed shortly thereafter by their self-released, promoted and distributed album We’re the Punks in March of 1993. The combination of their aggressive, grassroots self-promotion and non-stop regional and national touring caught the attention of Epitaph Records that same year. Founder Brett Gurewitz immediately signed the band, leading to a three album recording deal that would propel Total Chaos to the forefront of the burgeoning American street punk revival.

Flash forward to 2007. After three more albums and relentless non-stop touring around the world, the band are once again determined to make their mark, teaming up with New York’s Punk Core, a union thought by many to be long in coming. Total Chaos once again returns to the roots of raw punk rock sown by bands such as GBH and Discharge for their return album Avoid All Sides scheduled for release in March of 2008. The chaos continues!