Quick Hits & Clips: Black Tide, Trapt, Lissy Trullie & Adam Green, Bumblebeez

posted December 5, 2008

  • Gamecock Media Group and Interscope Records have announced that they have brought together heavy metal stars Black Tide with Spark Unlimited, developer of the acclaimed action game of mythic proportions, Legendary, for a contest that puts fans in the director's seat. Fans will be able to combine live concert footage of the band with clips from the video game to create a music video for the song Warriors of Time. Once completed, videos are uploaded to YouTube with links to the video posted to the competition website. On February 22, 2009, the best videos will be chosen by Black Tide and Spark, and a bevy of prizes will be awarded.
  • Check out a new Flash-based Guitar Hero-style Trapt game.
  • Check out a video of Lissy Trullie and Adam Green singing a cover of Biz Markie's "Just A Friend" in the bathroom of Santos Party House in NYC before her show there last month. Trullie's currently putting the final touches on her debut EP, due out early 2009.
  • For the rest of December The Bumblebeez main brain Chris Colonna AKA Invisibl AKA Prince Umberto, with the assistance of his sister Pia AKA ViLa and no doubt a ragtag bunch of Braidwoods best, will attempt to write from scratch and record a brand new jam for every day of this month, the fruits of which will be documented and made available daily for download on their website.