Quick Hits & Clips: Embryonic Devourment, Dimentianon, Chocolate Lab Records, Devendra Banhart, Hellfire Festival, Twilight Saga, Bronx, Rise Against

posted October 15, 2009

  • California technical death/grind four-piece Embryonic Devourment are in the final stages of their next full-length album titled, "Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void." The album is based on the Reptilian Agenda, a theory researched, written and spoken about extensively by British author/reporter/former pro football player David Icke for well over a decade. "This is basically our whole theme and platform for the new release; the theory that a reptillian race controls our world," elaborates bassist/vocalist Austin Spence. "The reptilians need the menstrual blood of a virgin in order to keep their human form. These are the same gods that the Aztecs and Egyptians weren't allowed to depict. The reptilians go by their their name 'Chitauri' which means 'the talkers.' They have been in control of our world and many others for thousands of years. The Aztecs predicted the human harvest for 2012...we'll see what happens, eh?"
  • Dimentianon has announced that they have been selected as the opening act for the New York date of Marduk's upcoming US tour. The tour - featuring Nachtmystium, Mantic Ritual, Merrimack and Black Anvil, in addition to Marduk of course - hits NYC's Grammercy Theater on December 16th. Dimentianon's new line-up is complete, joining the remaining members Greg L.(Guitar) and M.(vocals), are Zoltan V. (Lead Guitar), Maureen M.(Bass), and Pete C.(Drums). The band is currently finishing writing the material for the next full-length on a to-be-determined label. Songs set to appear on the album include: "A Credit to Dementia," "The Forgotten," "Undying Bliss," "Breathe Deep," "A Dirge to the Death ov Life," "Love and Hope," "Gamma Velurum" and "Collapse the Void."
  • Chocolate Lab Records take on iTunes and question their policies after being told iTunes LP isn't open to indies. Read Gizmodo's article Apple to Indie Labels: iTunes LP Is Out Of Your League.
  • Devendra Banhart has released the unofficial video for "Walillamdzi," a new track on his upcoming major label debut Where Will We Be, out October 27th on Warner Bros. Records. The video includes a series of shots of the recording sessions for the upcoming album, set to the music of the album's final track.
  • Due to the recent tragic loss of their bass player Mike Alexander, Evile will be unable to perform at the upcoming Hellfire Festival. The festival has announced that Blaze Bayley for stepping up at short notice to complete the main stage line up on Saturday, November 7th.
  • Due to overwhelming and unprecedented demand, Chop Shop/Atlantic have announced a new release date for The Twilight Saga: New Moon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The compilation will now be released this Friday, October 16th, four days earlier than originally scheduled. All songs are currently available for free streaming on the official MySpace profile for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theatres nationwide Friday, November 20th.
  • The Bronx have just released a new video for "Inveigh" from their recent album "The Bronx (III)." It's a mashup of live perfomance with historical TV broadcast.
  • Rise Against have announced that they'll be streaming a live concert for three days only: "It was a warm summer night in Boston, the Red Sox were playing the A's, and across Landsdowne St, we were sweating and screaming with 2400 people on the second night of our two sold out shows at the House Of Blues. Cameras were on hand to document the noisy evening and, starting Oct 16th (and for the next 5 Fridays after that), we are going to leak some of the footage for you to check out on your at&t phone until Nov 20th (look for the CV Live Music Featured Video), when the entire show will be available online (but only for three days) at www.youtube.com/music. Enjoy!"