Quick Hits & Clips: First Aid Kit, The Bronx, The Vacation

posted November 28, 2008

  • First Aid Kit are ready to start the holiday season with their video "Blue Christmas." The Swedish sibling duo will release their EP "Drunken Trees" early next year after their woodland recording of Fleet Foxes' "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" garnered a small army of YouTube users and perusers to stumble upon them.
  • They may be beautiful, but flamingos are also deceptively treacherous creatures. Not only are they the dirtiest bird in existence and have horrid smelling poop, but they also have an innate desire to rip the heads off innocent, god-fearing punkers who simply want to see their band, The Bronx, perform one of their amazing live shows. See if you can help stop these pink menaces to society. Those who make it to the venue win a free MP3 of "Young Bloods," the first single off the new album by The Bronx.
  • After being dropped from American Recordings after successfully releasing their first album and touring with the likes of Alice Cooper, Living Things and more, The Vacation didn't lose any steam and released their sophomore record themselves. "Get Used" is now available, thanks to Playboy Magazine and trueAnthem.com, for FREE to all. In fact, the album is downloadable from a widget that can be posted on any website, blog, social networking profile, etc. Sharing is caring. And in time for the holidays, the Vacation boys will be adding an exclusive b-side to the widget in the next week as a holiday bonus to the album.