Quick Hits & Clips: Sensual Harrassment, Decoder Ring, Sothis, Khors, Datarock

posted August 8, 2009

  • Check out audio of "Soldier" and "Daddy Long Legs" by Brooklyn '80s-sounding synth lovers Sensual Harrassment on their website.
  • Get a free MP3 download of Decoder Ring's "Beat The Twilight" at their website. Decoder Ring will digitally release their new album "They Blind the Stars, and the Wild Team" on August 18th via iTunes.
  • Shockhound.com has premiered the video from black metal band Sothis. The video for the title track to the band's current album, De Oppresso Liber, was filmed in the band's hometown of Los Angeles and features computer animation and performance footage of the six-piece band. Just having completed their first national US tour alongside labelmates Absu, the band continues to promote their full-length debut released last fall via Candlelight Records.
  • A note from Ukrainian black metallers Khors: "Guitar player Nort has left Khors. We thank our friend for the years he devoted to the band and his work in the creation of 2006's Cold and 2008's Mysticism albums as well as the solid concert activity which couldn't take place without his active help. We remain very good friends and we yet shall drink together in Glory of Us and Our Ancient Gods! Warth, the guitarist of death metal band Faces Of Death has recently joined the band as Nort's replacement."
  • Datarock have just revealed their latest video for the danceable Talking Heads tribute track "True Stories" off their forthcoming album "Red," out September 1st.