Railer - New National Anthem Tour

posted September 10, 2003

From Railer's Official Mailing List:

High Blue Star
Diablo Syndrome

Good news/bad news. We will be on the road, but will have to miss part of the tour, mainly the east coast. Our SINCEREST apologies in advance to any of you there, however we SHALL return and play there as soon as we can.

Tentative dates so far are:

10/17 Fri Minneapolis MN
10/18 Sat Chicago IL
10/19 Sun Milwaukee WI
10/20 Mon La Crosse WI
10/21 Tue St. louis MO
10/22 Wed Grand Rapids MI
10/23 Thur Cinicinnati OH
10/23 Thur Detroit MI
10/24 Fri Cleveland OH
10/25 Sat Pittsburgh PA
Wanderlust time. Railer returns to the tour on:
11/8 Sat Tampa FL
11/9 Sun AL
11/10 Mon TN
11/11 Tue LA
11/12 Wed TX
11/13 Thur TX
11/14 Fri TX
11/15 Sat El Paso TX
11/16 Sun Albuqueque NM
11/17 Mon Phoenix AZ
11/18 Tue San Diego CA
11/19 Wed Los Angeles CA
11/20 Thur San Francisco CA
11/21 Fri Portland OR
11/22 Sat Seattle WA

If anyone wants to help us promote the shows, get in touch with us and we'll recruit you to hand out flyers and other odds and ends. If anyone can put us up for the night, you'll get free entry and be on our 'coolest of cool' list for years to come.


The band is obviously saddened by the departure of Andrew Wisler, our guitarist and friend. Andrew wants to pursue other interests right now and we wish him the best. Joining us for the tour is Brandon Hafer, who is flying down from Anchorage, Alaska. We will be seeking a new permanent guitarist after we return from our tour.

There are two free song downloads on our website if you haven't already got them, "Nothing Comes Easy" and "Everything is Out". (www.railerband.com)

We will have many new surprises for the live show, and you're welcome to bootleg it (we want a copy!).
We will make another announcement as soon as we get the final details for the shows.