Samothrace Hit The Road Supporting Upcoming Album

posted September 11, 2008

Samothrace Hit The Road Supporting Upcoming Album

20 Buck Spin first heard Samothrace at a party in Austin during SXSW 2007. Simply a crude rehearsal recording, it was apparent instantly how amazing this record was to be and the label got directly in touch with the Lawrence, Kansas-based band, offering to release their debut record. Fast forward to the present and the album; their debut album Life's Trade, has finally materialized. Samothrace plays ultra heavy doom with harsh alcohol-soaked vocals, yet with a somber melodic sense permeating the 4 long tracks on Life's Trade. Not melody in the overused, weepy Euro-doom tradition, but distinctly Midwestern, soulful and blues inflected. The songs shimmer with desperation, hopelessness and pain. "Awkward Hearts" is both world weary for the plight of the oppressed and also intensely personal. The melodic interplay of guitarist Bryan Spinks and Renata Castagna is distinct in doom played this heavy and each song is meticulously crafted for maximum emotional impact.

With several US tours under their belts, Samothrace have already familiarized themselves and won over doom fanatics across the country. With a planned 70 date fall tour, the band will be out in heavy support of Life's Trade during 2008, with more US and Europe touring planned for early 2009. Recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea, Pelican, Nachtmystium) Life's Trade rates as a stunning debut by a band soon to be on top of the doom genre.

Tracklisting for Life's Trade:
La Llorona
Awkward Hearts
Cruel Awake

Samothrace, on tour now:
09/09/2008 Bside Gallery - Wichita, KS w/Dead Commuter, Cordycep Deth, Church of the Burning Snake
09/10/2008 Rubber Gloves - Denton, TX w/Resigned to Fate, Hyperion
09/11/2008 Bar of Soap - Dallas, TX w/Blood Ov, Varvadoss, and Cleric
09/12/2008 Room 710 - Austin, TX w/The Roller, Fuck Work, The Malestrom
09/13/2008 Memo's Sports bar - Pasadena, TX w/PLF, Perpetual Madness and Satannabis
09/14/2008 Mojo's - Shreveport, Louisiana w/ Ketea
09/15/2008 Andy's Place - Baton Rouge, Louisiana w/Pussyhawk and Barghest
09/16/2008 Dragon's Den - NOLA, Louisiana w/Mars, Pussyhawk
09/17/2008 TBA - Birmingham, AL
09/18/2008 TBA - Pensacola, FL
09/19/2008 Transitions - Tampa, FL w/Howl, Liquid Limbs, Dark Castle, Flying Snakes, Saltmine
09/20/2008 Black Box Collective - Orlando, FL w/Dark Castle
09/21/2008 Nobby's - St. Augustine, FL w/Dark Castle
09/22/2008 Shantytown - Jacksonville, FL w/Dark Castle
09/23/2008 TBA - Savannah, GA
09/24/2008 Caledonia Lounge - Athens, GA w/Armazilla, Subrig Destroyer, Aquila
09/25/2008 Lenny's Bar - Atlanta, GA w/Sons of Tonatiuh
09/26/2008 The Local - Chattanooga, TN w/Hoth, Light Pupil Dilate
09/27/2008 TBA - Asheville, NC
09/28/2008 TBA - NC
09/29/2008 Nara Sushi - Richmond, Virginia w/Cough
09/30/2008 Corpse Fortress D.C. - Washington DC w/ Oak, Cough
10/01/2008 Barclay House - Baltimore, MD
10/02/2008 Millcreek Tavern - Philadelphia, PA w/Khann, Wetnurse, Wizard Eye
10/03/2008 TBA - Philadelphia, PA
10/04/2008 Rudy's - New Haven, CT w/Sea of Bones
10/05/2008 TBA - Boston-area MA
10/06/2008 Lit Lounge - New York City, NY w/Aquila
10/07/2008 The Pussy Barrel - Rochester, NY w/Spoonful of Vicodan, Ordinary Men and Women
10/08/2008 Legion of Doom - Columbus, OH
10/09/2008 The Bluerock Tavern - Cincinnati, OH w/Beneath Oblivion
10/10/2008 TBA...Ft. Wayne/ Area
10/11/2008 Chicago... Metal Shaker - Chicago, IL w/Lone Wolf and Cub
10/12/2008 319 Garfield - Milwaukee, WI w/Abaddon
10/13/2008 TBA - Madison, WI
10/14/2008 TBA - St. Louis-area
10/16/2008 The Grill/ROTC - Fayetteville, AR w/Deadbird, Dirtmother
10/17/2008 Noel, Lisa, Cedric, etc... House - Tulsa, OK
10/18/2008 Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK w/The Flood, Rainbows Are Free
10/19/2008 Spinks @ Neil Diamond - Oklahoma City, OK
10/22/2008 Replay - Lawrence, KS w/Rabbid Rabbit - Record Release Show
10/23/2008 Blast-Mat - Denver, CO w/Burn Heavy
10/24/2008 TBA - Albuquerque, NM
10/25/2008 TBA - Flagstaff, AZ
10/26/2008 TBA - Phoenix, AZ
10/27/2008 House Show @ Chuey/Jaime's - Los Angeles, CA w/Barren
10/28/2008 Hazmat - Oakland, CA w/Embers
10/29/2008 Thee Parkside Bar - San Francisco, CA w/Giant Squid, One Hundred Sons
10/30/2008 Monstros Pizza - Chico, CA w/The Makai,
10/31/2008 Halloween Show in PDX - Portland, OR
11/01/2008 Squid and Ink - Seattle, WA
11/02/2008 Green Frog Acoustic Room - Bellingham, WA w/Piano Mover
11/03/2008 TBA - Tacoma, WA
11/04/2008 TBA - Olympia, WA
11/05/2008 TBA - Portland, OR
11/06/2008 TBA - Boise, ID
11/07/2008 TBA - Salt Lake City, UT
11/08/2008 Curtis St. Bar - Denver, CO
11/09/2008 TBA - Lincoln, NE
11/10/2008 Arts Center - Vermillion, SD w/Servium
11/11/2008 TBA - Fargo, ND
11/12/2008 TBA - Minneapolis, MN