Scissor Sisters' Del Marquis Ready To Give The "Runaround"

posted September 1, 2009

Scissor Sisters' Del Marquis Ready To Give The "Runaround"

"Runaround" is the final piece of a truly independent, release from Scissor Sisters guitarist Del Marquis - and it closes out the cycle in high style. Out September 22nd, "Runaround" is designed for the heart and soul, but also for the feet. The release, which features three new pop gems along with five remixes, is a straight up MAXI-single.

On a break from the Scissor Sisters in 2008, Marquis set out to break new ground with an unconventional music project. One that would break away from the traditional album-tour-album game plan with a series of short releases, each with video accompaniment.

"Runaround" was producted by legends Trevor Horn and Mike Thorne.


  1. Runaround
  2. Lies By the Bed
  3. Each Time I Reach the Sun
  4. Character Assassination (BullycauRemix)
  5. Runaround (Baron Von Luxxury Silver Lake of Disco Dreams Remix)
  6. Litter To Society (Lifelike Remix)
  7. Runaround (Louis La Roche ‘In 1995' Remix)
  8. Runaround (Loose Cannons Supersonic Remix)