Sick Puppies Prepare Digital EP

posted June 13, 2006

Sick Puppies Prepare Digital EPSick Puppies are a guitar fuelled three piece rock band who now stand on the threshold of achieving their singular goal: the global release of the album they were born to make. The band carries an awesome energy on stage and a staggering sound fronted by the fretwork and awesome vocals of guitarist and singer Shimon Moore. Conspiring in the sonic stew that make up the Sick Puppies is bassist Emma Anzai who has been justifiably dubbed “the female Flea” .Uniting the band in rock bliss is the airtight pummeling of drummer Mark Goodwin who is truly one of the hardest hitters around.

The band was born when the two greatest outcasts of Mosman High School met each other in the only safe haven either of them knew…the music room. Shimon and Emma began jamming on Green Day and Rage Against The Machine songs until the urge to make their own sound took over and they began penning the loudest and most powerful songs that they could play.

Just months later, the Puppies beat out 3000 other bands in a demo competition run by the only national radio network in the country. As a direct and rapid result the Puppies were thrust into the limelight, and with their first recording experience behind them. The bands first year culminated in them being crowned the ‘Best Live Act’ at the Australian Live Music Awards. Since that time the achievements and highlights have flowed thick and fast, including tours with Good Charlotte, The Butterfly Effect and legendary bands Deep Purple and Midnight Oil.

Amid the fanfare of all the Puppies achievements remained a burning desire to take their music to the next level. To that end a pact was made to take the band to the ends of the earth and back, beginning with the writing and recording of the songs that they knew would resonate with a worldwide audience.

The band is currently in the studio making their record in Los Angeles. Which will be released later in the year, the Sick Puppies arrival is imminent.

Sick Puppies' "Headphone Injuries" digital EP is due out June 20th.

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