Sin Fang Debuts First Single 'Young Boys' Off Third Album 'Flowers' Out February 19th

posted December 18, 2012

Sin Fang Debuts First Single 'Young Boys' Off Third Album 'Flowers' Out February 19th

Sindri Már Sigfússon aka Sin Fang and Icelandic collective Seabear's founder and mastermind, has released the first single 'Young Boys' off his third solo album, Flowers, recorded & produced by Alex Somers (Sígur Rós, Jónsi) and set for release on February 19th on Morr Music.

Following his Half Dreams EP this year, Flowers is an album that opens with a lot of collective chanting, a sense of deep rootedness, togetherness, unity, and shared experience: "We were young boys, smoking in the woods, I showed you how," are the first words Sindri Már Sigfússon aka Sin Fang scatters across the less-beaten tracks, only to leapfrog across the lawn and switch on the stage lights for his own take of stadium pop. A song like "What's Wrong With Your Eyes" would indeed be fit for a stadium setting - it's so massive, so outspokenly pop, when the beat meets layered vocals and the piano comes in just at the right moments. "I was thinking a lot about pre-teenage and teenage feelings," he explains. "The exaggerated feelings and dramatic thoughts that most teenagers go through: Love and rejection, the constant ups and downs...I thought Flowers was a good name for that theme as they are used both for sad and happy occasions."

Sin Fang set himself the task of playing all of the instruments on his 2009 debut, Clangour, and on his 2011 Summer Echoes LP, he moved closer to the sound of a live band recruiting a number of his friends from Múm, Amiina and Seabear to record in his studio. The New York Times hailed the album stating, "I'm cancelling that dinner-and-a-movie tonight so I can listen to this 17 times." Now with his third outing, Flowers, he offers a sonic garden with plenty to feel, see, discover and dive into. Sin Fang just performed at this year's Iceland Airwaves and will be returning to the US for SXSW 2013 behind his new release.

Flowers Tracklisting

  1. Young Boys
  2. What's Wrong With Your Eyes
  3. Look At The Light
  4. Sunbeam
  5. Feel See
  6. See Ribs
  7. Catcher
  8. Everything Alright
  9. Not Enough
  10. Weird Heart