Soulsavers Announce August Release Of "Broken"

posted July 13, 2009

Soulsavers Announce August Release Of "Broken"

Genre-bending art rock heroes Soulsavers return with their third release, "Broken," which Columbia Records will release in digital formats only on August 18th. And in true Soulsavers tradition, Rich Machin and Ian Glover opened their studio doors and invited a handful of friends.

At the forefront are the vocals of Mark Lanegan (Gutter Twins, Screaming Trees), who returns after fronting eight tracks on the collective's sophomore release, "It's Not How Far You Fall, It's How Hard You Land." On "Broken," he's at the helm on ten tracks, including duets with Spiritualized's Jason Pierce ("Pharaoh's Chariot"), Faith No More frontman Mike Patton ("Unbalanced Pieces") and Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers ("Death Bells"). Also appearing on the album are Richard Hawley (backing vocals on "Shadows Fall"), Australian newcomer Red Ghost (Rosa Agostino) and studio bassist Martyn LeNoble (Porno for Pyros, Jane's Addiction).

"Touring has definitely brought the guitars to the front of Broken, and it's got a more soulful twist, too," says Machin of Soulsavers' evolution since the sonic-shifting outfit's 2003 debut, the more electronic-minded Tough Guys Don't Dance. "Though it clearly has some very dark overtones, I don't think it's quite as dark as the last album... I love all kinds of music, which allows me to open all these doors. There's nothing better than bringing in great people who inspire, to keep you on top of your game, and to keep things fresh and never boring. That's the nature of what we've set up here."

Machin also satisfies his soundtrack soul with two gloriously moody instrumentals, "The Seventh Proof" and "Wise Blood." Soulsavers songs have already been featured on network television staples "Grey's Anatomy" and "CSI New York," as well as HBO's "In Treatment," and Machin hopes to crack the big screen next, having worked with Italian arranger Daniele Luppi on "Broken."

"He brought alive our ideas, which has pushed me harder to try and work a lot more in that film world," says Machin.

On July 28th, "Sunrise" will be released as a digital bundle with B-side "You Will Miss Me When I Burn." "Sunrise" is singer-songwriter Will Oldham's take on the Lanegan-penned track, while "You Will Miss Me..." features Lanegan's covering Oldham.