Stepford Five - New EP "Six" out this April

posted April 13, 2003

Mark your calendars, April 15th will see the release of our new EP 'Six.' Yes, yes, yes, we are aware that the band is called The Stepford Five, there are only four of us, and this is another number in the equation. Well, in the immortal words of Frank Black, if man is five, then the devil is six, so take that for whatever it's worth. The disc will feature three new tracks: Are You Dreaming, Pinhole and Six (the title track, if you will), as well as a remastered version of Fair Is Fair, which was previously released on the Vol. 2 cd. Even while we're in the midst of preparing this release, we're already looking towards the next full length by taking time this month to visit Workbook Studio and record three more new songs. Hey folks, we're not the resting-on-our-laurels kind around here. If we had our prerogative, we'd bust out a new album every 8-12 months like KISS, but then you end up with crap like A World Without Heroes, and we ain't down with that, we want to give you all Strutter quality material. We'll be taking this EP to the people by way of the by-ways and highways of the midwest. Stay tuned to for all the dates.

- Reverbose Records