Supergrass 'Glange Fever' Documentary Up On

posted July 26, 2008

Supergrass 'Glange Fever' Documentary Up On has released the first of four exclusive clips from Supergrass' 'Diamond Hoo Ha Men - Glange Fever' documentary (no sign-in necessary). A significant footnote in rock 'n' roll's chequered history, 'Glange Fever' is the rockumentary to end all rockumentaries. A fascinating and faintly ridiculous film following the adventures the Diamond Hoo Ha Men (aka Gaz & Danny from Supergrass) on their UK live club tour throughout December 2007. An unsettling behind-the-scenes peek into life on the road with the world's finest sequin-suited glange rock duo.

A companion piece to the recent Supergrass album 'Diamond Hoo Ha,' 'Glange Fever' was premiered at the band's album launch party earlier this year, and finally makes it to DVD after much demand from the Supergrass fanbase. A 5-minute trailer was posted on YouTube and has now recieved over 100k views (including one Thom Yorke who posted the link on Radiohead's website).

The DVD contains the full 30 minute documentary PLUS over 1 hour of outtakes and extras (including 9 live tracks and the promo video for Diamond Hoo Ha Man).