Switches Lay Down The Law This March With Interscope

posted November 5, 2007

Switches Lay Down The Law This March With InterscopeSelf proclaimed neurotic obsessive-compulsive weirdos, Switches have pulled through impressively and despite their neuroses. On March 18, 2008, This London based quartet will be releasing their debut album, Lay Down The Law, produced by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith) on Interscope. Take a first look at their new video for their debut single “Lay Down The Law.”

Frontman Matt Bishop grew up in Southend -- a low-rent seaside town, something like the old Asbury Park neighborhood -- and formed the band while at college. When you hear their music, you may be surprised to discover that all members have completely different tastes in music but it seems it’s this very factor that has kept each member on their toes and contributed massively towards their killer sound and recent successes.

Rather than head straight into the studio to record a disjointed mish-mash of an album, Switches hit the road. The band was on a mission to solidify their sound and present a coherent musical front. They returned ready to record their debut ‘Message From Yuz EP’ for Degenerate Music – four tracks of handclappy glamstomparama that crystallizes the last decade of British pop excellence and stood as an introduction into Switches’ world: Starts like Elastica kung fu-kicking and winds up in a three-way rock-opera face-off between ELO, Kraftwerk and Ziggy Stardust.

Switches are Ollie Thomas, guitar: the sixties throwback aspiring to psychedelic-tinged virtuosity ala Hendrix and Abbey Road; Jimmy G, drums: all sharp-dressed eighties, think Thriller, Vegas and Let’s Dance-era Bowie. Max Tite, bassist: nineties indie kid who loves vitamins, cake and Sufjan Stevens with equal desire; Matt Bishop: seventies songwriter with a love for ELO and 10cc even though he wasn’t born while they reigned, and a fully-fledged Child Of Britpop.

Video: Switches - "Lay Down The Law"

Video: Switches - "Message From Yuz"