The Dwarves Announce Tour Dates In US, UK, Norway

posted June 12, 2010

The Dwarves Announce Tour Dates In US, UK, Norway

The Dwarves are back on the road and ready to destroy! They'll be playing a bunch of shows in the US and UK, both as a full band as well as Blag acoustic solo shows. The Dwarves remain one of the most bizarre and misunderstood bands of all time. Their latest release is a solo effort from masked guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed entitled "Sunday School Massacre." The project, engineered and co-produced by Bradley Cook (Counting Crows, Foo Fighters), features many former Dwarves members like Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age & The Dwarves), Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves, Candy Now), Andy Selway (KMFDM & The Spittin' Cobras, The Dwarves) and more.

While "Sunday School Massacre" is generally a dark, guitar heavy album that Dwarves fans can appreciate, the lyrics invoke an ironic playfulness that invites a wider audience and the high production level gives it a big arena sound. The lyrics and title, Sunday School Massacre, were inspired by HeWhoCanNotBeNamed's experiences as a counselor/teacher with teenagers suffering from mental illness or abuse. Many of the songs were actually written while he was on duty at a residential treatment facility. Some of them were used to teach students in a "school of rock" type music program that he created and directed.

HeWhoCanNotBeNamed will of course be joining the Dwarves as they rampage through three months of shows in the US, UK, and Norway:

DWARVES (with Turbo AC's)

  • June 17 @ Bogie's - Albany, NY
  • June 18 @ The Silo - Reading, PA
  • June 19 @ Sonar Club Room - Baltimore, MD
  • June 20 @ Bowery Electric - New York, NY
  • June 21 @ Middle East - Boston, MA
  • June 22 @ The Local 269 - New York, NY (Blag Solo Acoustic)
  • June 22 @ Generation Records - 210 Thompson St. - New York, NY (Blag acoustic- a 6pm quickie in-store)


  • July 2 @ The Alley - Sparks, NV
  • July 3 @ Shire Road Club - Sacramento, CA
  • July 15 @ Station 4 - St. Paul, MN
  • July 16 @ Frequency - Madison, WI
  • July 17 @ Reggies - Chicago, IL
  • July 18 @ Fubar - St. Louis, MO

DWARVES UK and Norway

  • August 6 @ Watergate Bay - NEWQUAY
  • August 7 @ Corporation - SHEFFIELD
  • August 8 @ Rebellion Festival - Winter Gardens - BLACKPOOL (DWARVES LIVE w/ Bad Religion)
  • August 9 @ Moho - MANCHESTER
  • August 10 @ Ivory Blacks - GLASGOW
  • August 11 @ Cluny - NEWCASTLE
  • August 12 @ Water Rats - LONDON
  • August 13 @ - Kanalrock Festival - Horton, NORWAY

Born in Illinois in the mid-'80s as a paisley garage band, by 1989 they had morphed into fire breathing California grunge icons, putting Sub/Pop on the map with their seminal "Blood, Guts and Pussy" album. Performing with many top acts and spanning the globe the Dwarves gained a reputation for live madness and mayhem that follows them to this day. "The Dwarves are Young and Good Looking" and "The Dwarves Come Clean," released by Epitaph during the 1990s, cemented the Dwarves' reputation as hardcore heroes while introducing a pop sensibility that both titillated and confounded their fans. Appearances on television and radio, soundtracks for films and DVDs and tours throughout Europe, Japan and the world have warped a whole new generation of Dwarves fans, proving once again that the scum also rises.

The band was recently polyresinated into a throbblehead produced by punk collectibles company Aggronautix. The special edition figure depicts Blag the Ripper and HeWhoCanNotBeNamed dominating the stage.

The figure, limited to 1000 numbered units, stands at 5 1/2 inches tall and is made of a lightweight polyresin. Displayed in a tri-windowed box, here the Dwarves are accurately sculpted right down to the lucha libre mask, bondage wear, and skull boner buckle!