The Human Value's 2nd US Release Has A Pretty Mouth, New Approach

posted July 31, 2008

The Human Value's 2nd US Release Has A Pretty Mouth, New Approach

Los Angeles-based power trio The Human Value have announced that they will be releasing their second CD, Push and Pull, in the US on September 23, 2008, along with a limited edition LP. The LP (500 blue and 500 yellow vinyl) includes a free download card for a one-time digital download of Push and Pull and two additional bonus tracks not on the UK version (released November of 2007). The US release is the first on lead singer Turu's newly-formed Pretty Mouth Records via Big Deal Records with distribution from Ryko/WEA.

The Human Value (THV) is a power trio fronted by serpentine vocalist Turu, king of the fuzz-tone guitar Hiram Fleites (ex-Kittens for Christian) and whirling dervish drummer Tim Bolish. THV first made a name for themselves in England on their debut self-titled CD in winter of 2006. Turu and Hiram, the core duo behind the LA-based THV, relocated to London that year, touring guerilla-style through '07. They returned to the states to record Push and Pull, but went back to the UK for that release and more touring. They made the move due, in large part, to nomadic adventure and fantastic reviews in the notoriously fickle U.K. press (like NME "It's powerful stuff" and The Fly "They are The Human Value. We are not worthy,") on their UK debut. They soon became known for their eye-popping live show.

Push and Pull finds The Human Value's core sound based on Turu's sultry, come hither and often balls-to-the-wall vocals who, according to Diva Magazine, "..sounds like Karen O's sleazier sister". Full of heavy, dark, fuzzy tunes that sound like a band who enjoy comparisons to Joy Division one day and Blondie doing vocals for The Strokes another, and throw in some PJ Harvey for good measure. It is a record that will literally push and pull you in many directions at once. There's a lot of noise for a power trio, that's for sure.

Full track listing for Push and Pull is:

  1. Pleasant Town
  2. Pretty Mouth
  3. No Sacrifice
  4. I Don't Care
  5. Complications No. 2
  6. Hold of Me
  7. Spite
  8. Alibi
  9. Parts
  10. Nothing
  11. Home is Not Real
  12. Deep Blue
  13. Push and Pull
  14. All These Years (bonus track, previously unavailable)
  15. The City (bonus track, previously unavailable)

While living in the UK, Turu found a number of cool artists and like-minded musicians who were ready for a US presence. Being business minded (as well as quite ‘hot') Turu decided to launch Pretty Mouth Records with The Human Value's latest full length being its first release. Pretty Mouth Records will announce additional signings in the near future and will be focusing on digital distribution as well as CD and vinyl product, so full details of the new label will be announced shortly.