The Sounds Prep Fourth Full-Length For March

posted January 11, 2011

The Sounds Prep Fourth Full-Length For March

With three albums under their belts, Swedish new wave sensations The Sounds have taken a new approach for their forthcoming album, "Something To Die For," due March 29, 2011, making it the first album to be produced by the band. This new chapter also marks a new partnership for the quintet, with Los Angeles-based SideOneDummy Records, who have joint-ventured with the band's own Arnioki Records. "We could not be more proud to announce The Sounds as our first release of the decade," offers Bill Armstrong, co-owner of SideOneDummy. "After hearing the new record and spending some quality time with the band, we can't think of a better group of people to start the year off with."

Nearly ten years after the release of their debut, "Living In America," The Sounds embraced their acquired skills as well as their fierce independence, determined to make an album they collectively deemed entirely The Sounds: a creation indicative of a particular sound, sans any outside influence. While their last two albums were recorded in the US with outside producers, the band retreated to their own studio in Malmo, Sweden to write, produce and record, assisted by engineer Brian Virtue. The album was ultimately mixed by Mark Needham. Their completed project is a proud 10-song collection that teems with their insignia of sassy punk/electro sing-alongs and plenty of attitude, yet also evolves with more electronic/electro elements, bringing the band's music back to their club roots. Even when it rocks out, it's near impossible to stand still.

Since their origin, The Sounds have maintained an exhausting touring schedule having played over 1000+ shows to date in over 25 countries, establishing them as a force, not just a renowned live act, in many languages. Just in the US alone, they've performed over 300 headline concerts that included a continuum of sold out dates across the country. They will make their way to the US for a first round of shows timed with release (details to be announced shortly).

TRACK LIST - Something To Die For

  • "It's So Easy"
  • "Dance With The Devil"
  • "The No No Song"
  • "Better Off Dead"
  • "Diana"
  • "Something To Die For"
  • "Yeah Yeah Yeah"
  • "Won't Let Them Tear Us Apart"
  • "The Best Of Me"
  • "Wish You Were Here"