Totally Michael Bursts Out Of Bloomington, Indiana

posted August 5, 2008

Totally Michael Bursts Out Of Bloomington, Indiana

A one-man music machine with a penchant for sugar-sweet melodies, potty-mouthed humor and extensive audience participation, Totally Michael has perfectly captured the feeling of his freewheeling live shows on his debut self-titled full-length, due October 14 on IHEARTCOMIX (Matt & Kim, Toxic Avenger).

Self-produced and recorded in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, the Arkansas transplant laid down 11 dizzying, electro-injected tracks that straddle the line between hyperkinetic punk and bouncy pop. Over 31 minutes, Totally Michael delves into such hot topics as prom ("Prom Night"), Winona Ryder ("Winona"), one-night stands ("Casual Satisfaction") and the life-questioning dilemma that faces us all ("Cheerleaders Vs. Drillteam").

Launching with the feel-good Casiofied anthem "Summertime," Totally Michael introduces us to his world where everyday is a summer dance party fueled by cherry Kool-Aid, an electric guitar and a laptop. From there, the album moves on to his ode to Winona Ryder: "I was 7 years old you were 19 when I first saw you it was on the T.V.," he sings over layers of keyboards and chugging guitar before declaring, "I'm not a high class retail outlet but I would love for you to steal my heart." On the live favorite, "Cheerleaders vs. Drillteam," Totally Michael splits his audience in two, dividing them in teams as he instructs, "Ok, split it down the middle, cheerleaders on the left, drillteam on the right, prepare for battle, show me what you got, we'll settle this tonight," - and just like that, it's on. Totally Michael slows down the pace with "Orchestral Interlude," an aptly titled song, sounding like the soundtrack to a wedding on Fantasy Island.

Describing his sound as a "mohawked angel with a hose full of holy water... blasting the wallflowers," URB Magazine singled out Totally Michael for their annual "Next 100 Issue." Citing Prince and Blink-182 as influences and bringing about comparisons to Andrew W.K., Dan Deacon and synth-punk pioneer Atom and His Package, Totally Michael revels in the forgotten joys of showmanship and booty shaking. Amassing hundreds of shows under his young belt, Totally Michael will be bringing the party to a city near you. In an increasingly cynical world, Totally Michael has drawn the line in the sand. Choose your side wisely.