Turzi Releases "B" Theme Album, Featuring Track With Bobby Gillespie

posted September 24, 2010

Turzi Releases "B" Theme Album, Featuring Track With Bobby Gillespie

Experimental French artist Turzi has announced the details of his sophomore album, "B," due out September 24th through the visionary French label Record Makers. "B" is the follow-up to Turzi's debut album, "A."

The emphasis on improvisation that forms the live hallmark of the band was captured on "A" -- continental rock, melded together in frenetic but disciplined fashion with tinges of Ennio Morricone. There are two sides to Turzi- the leader, and his band. Romain Turzi is the leader. Hailing from Versailles, his youth was fueled by experimentation, with hours spent in bedrooms surrounded by synthesizers, and surrounded by violently fierce live shows around Paris.

In April 2008 Turzi was personally invited to support Simian Mobile Disco and The Whip on an NME endorsed tour around the UK. A line up blessed with the ability to satisfy hardened rockers as well as casual clubbers.

The album's opening track, "Beijing," is a gripping introduction. A four minute ride evoking a Sergio Leone Western, as soundtracked hypnotically by Black Sabbath. Behemoth riffs collide here with subtle synth flourishes. "Bombay" builds upon this spirit of movement with ascending guitars, drained of every last drop of emotion, resting upon a swirling bedrock of pulsating drums. Haunting, yet rousing at every turn, this track is drenched in the sweat and energy of the live arena.

The backing track to "Baltimore" found its way to Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), who agreed to sing vocals on the track, without knowing anything about Turzi at all. His distinct vocal style merges perfectly with the driving psychedelic vibes of the song whilst fusing softly with rebellious Acid House undertones.

Audio: Turzi - "Bombay"

Video: Turzi - "Brasilia"

B Tracklist

  1. Beijing
  2. Buenos Aires
  3. Bombay
  4. Bethlehem
  5. Baltimore (Ft Bobby Gillespie)
  6. Brasilia
  7. Bangkok
  8. Baden Baden
  9. Bogota
  10. Bamako (Ft Brigitte Fontaine)