Ultra Violent Lights Ready Debut Album "Here In Filth" For Release

posted September 25, 2009

Ultra Violent Lights Ready Debut Album "Here In Filth" For Release

On their forthcoming debut album "Here In Filth" -- due October 27th from COMMAND! Records/SideCho Media -- Brooklyn trio Ultra Violent Lights profess there's "no reason to act like we do," a sentiment that is hauntingly evident throughout the album's ten tracks, spanning a range of inspiration and influence from the band's rock ‘n' roll predecessors of past decades.

Drawing comparisons to everything from Nirvana to Echo and the Bunnymen, Ultra Violent Lights layer sing-along melodies among raw, distorted rock. "It's really the only healthy way I've ever been able to get anything out of my system," confesses guitarist Adam Lewis. "So many things in life can make you feel small, but through music, I'm bigger than anything. Every anxiety and fucked-up thing I've been through comes out in notes and chords. The crazy and obscure comes from reality, and it's never been forced or contrived."

Rather than celebrating fantasy world excess, singer Nicholas Faiella makes listeners feel like they've been there every step of the way.

"Lyrically I tend to push and pull between what I think I am, what I really am, and who I'd like to be," he explains. "I really try to speak for the three of us, instead of just writing for me."

Among Faiella's subject matter, the music of Ultra Violent Lights echoes the band's own unraveling and triumphs, as well as those who came before them, bordering on nihilism and hope.

Along with drummer Robi Gonzalez, Faiella and Lewis deliver the band's grit and mystique through sweat-soaked live shows, best served in packed, dark rooms. To coincide with the upcoming October 27th release of "Here In Filth," Ultra Violent Lights are already confirmed for a string of East Coast dates, including appearances at CMJ '09. The band is intent on staying on the road, as they are eager to travel and make new fans and friends along the way, inviting everyone to show up, lose their minds, tell their friends, and be as much a part of the experience as they are.

The complete track listing for "Here In Filth:"

  1. Skin & Bones
  2. Spiders Eat The Flies
  3. Some Kind Of Season
  4. Sleep Now
  5. Here In Filth
  6. In Lieu Of Pay
  7. The Spell (NYC)
  8. A Martyr In Me
  9. Buried At The Bottom Of Silverlake
  10. Thick As Thieves