Unnatural Helpers Unveil New Land Grab Album Teaser

posted August 6, 2012

Unnatural Helpers Unveil New Land Grab Album Teaser

Drinking, rocking out, yelling in each others’ faces…these pastimes are pretty much de rigeuer for Seattle’s Unnatural Helpers, whose brisk, badass LP Land Grab touches down on September 25th. Is it any surprise that these activities—rendered in glorious “3-D”—feature in the band’s new album teaser, shot and edited by Patrick Wright? Watch (no 3-D goggles necessary) and listen (for a taste of album opener “Medication”) now.

Audio: Unnatural Helpers - "Hate Your Teachers"

Unnatural Helpers - Land Grab Album Teaser from Hardly Art on Vimeo.

Unnatural Helpers
Land Grab
September 25, 2012

  1. Medication
  2. Stiff Wind
  3. Mexican Borders
  4. I Trust it Hurts
  5. Toil
  6. Hate Your Teachers
  7. Over You
  8. Devil is a Liar
  9. When it Can Only Go Right
  10. Walk
  11. Waiting Girl
  12. You're Right
  13. Julie Jewel